We’re home

I’m so happy to be home – 10 days is a LONG time to be away. Tomorrow we’ll rush down and pick up Chesty but for tonight I’m relaxing in my chair on the laptop catching up on email.

I haven’t had more than a few days with my sons at a time in the last couple years so it was a real pleasure to be with them over the 10 days we visited Vancouver and Alaska.We have mixed feelings about cruising but we loved spending this time with family (both our sons and DIL and Keith’s brother’s family) and a cruise turned out to be an excellent choice – we had plenty of time together but also *space* when we wanted quiet time alone.

I took HUNDREDS of photos but I thought I’d share a few taken the day we were at Hubbard Glacier – the absolute highlight of the trip other than the time spent with family.

We watched and listened in awe as multiple pieces of the glacier broke off into Disenchantment Bay.
Keith tried to take a couple photos of me but the deck above created shadows across half my face – he snapped this one as I joked that I needed to hang over the railing to get my entire face in the sunlight.


  1. that pic of the glacier breaking off is just awesome .. you can almost hear the KERSPLASHThanx for sharing MaryGlad you had a great time!!grace

  2. welcome home! nice to have time with family, wonderful to be back in your own home. I know Chesty will be thrilled to come home tomorrow!

  3. It’s so lovely to have you back – I’ve missed all that colour and quilty goodness! So glad you had such a wonderful time – what a happy photo!

  4. Happy you had a great time ~ the photos are wonderful. That truly is one of the last “frontiers”. Amazing …. Linda

  5. Welcome Back! Couldn’t wait to see photos from your trip. I’ve been to Alaska (driving up the AlCan), but I’d love to cruise up there!Hope Chesty’s knee is all better now.

  6. So happy to see you back – I’ve missed you. I’m glad you had a good trip and enjoyed spending time with your family.

  7. LOVE the picture of you, Mary!!! You look very free and liberated and refreshed.Your scenic pictures are gorgeous! I can just feel and smell the crisp, fresh air.

  8. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! DH and I have been wanting to take an Alaskan cruise for years. One of these days….(sigh)I almost cried reading about how much you missed your boys and that you typically only see them for a few days at a time ~ I’ve never thought about that before. Right now my boys are in my face 24/7 and I look for any reprieve…however after reading your post I don’t ever want them to leave! Glad to have you back and blogging! 🙂 ~Jessica

  9. Welcome home, Mary! The glacier pics are awesome. Sounds like you had a great time with your family creating memories.

  10. Welcome home…I am so thrilled to hear that you all had such a wonderful time. Andy and I leave on our Alaskan cruise Aug 3…OMG 2 weeks from today we’ll be on the ship. Can’t wait…especially after seeing your wonderful pictures.

  11. So glad you are back! I missed your blog. Can’t wait to hear how Chesty is after his big mishap. Let us know as soon as you get him home.

  12. Welcome home! We all missed you. So glad you had a great time. I’d be interested to hear your mixed feelings about cruises. I am toying with the idea of taking my family on one after our son graduates from college next year. The reason I hesitate is the enormous use of fuel such a trip eats up. I think I’d feel guilty leaving such a huge carbon footprint. But as you say, the together time can’t be beat.

  13. What beautiful pictures! The blue is sooo cool looking! I’d love to have a vacation like this someday! Hope you are well rested and that Chesty will get back to your regular routine!

  14. I’m just getting caught up on my blog reading. I see you did an Alaskan cruise? So did we, last month. It was fun, which cruise line did you take?

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