I won a drawing on Beth’s blog and look what arrived today! Fabric, note cards, buttons, and isn’t that the cutest lunch box? Thanks Beth!

I also received my July card from our family Postcard exchange that we started a few months ago. We just make one per month and Deb tells us who we send it to. There are 7 of us participating and we’re having lots of fun but I’ve fallen behind on my Journal Project and need to start making those again too. This month’s card came from my cousin Heather in PA, don’t you love it??

Here’s another family photo from our trip. In Skagway, we did a 6-7 mile hike before going into town for lunch. I also mentioned buying a kit while I was there and you can see it here – I haven’t decided if I’ll use the pattern included or make up one myself.

I had several comments about how much Adam and Keith looked alike after posting the last photo and had to go back and look at it myself. Surprisingly, they really do look alike in that photo. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here on my blog but Keith got a package deal when he married me 19 years ago – the boys were 5 & 6 years old then.

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16 thoughts on “Mail

  1. I’d say you each got a great package! Love your family photos. That glacier kit is pretty neat . . makes me think cool weather and that’s what I’m wishing for right now.


  2. Hello, my name is Pam and I am a horrible blogging buddy.Mary, I promise ~ I read everyone of your posts…but I don’t always comment. Sorry (Pam, hanging head in shame!)Love your family postcard swap. I have wondered if you sent to everyone and now I know Deb is the record keeper and you send to only one person each month. I love this idea…and the postcards are wonderful! Love the pic of the 5 of you getting on the ship…seeing the anticipation in each of your faces is wonderful~ especially Becki.Pam@


  3. That kit is gorgeous! You may be able to come up with something more creative, but I certainly couldn’t. Personally I would make it as is. Some kits are worth doing; this is one of them IMO.


  4. I just love the glacier pattern. Stunning! Wow, you received some wonderful goodies in the mail. The family pictures are great…everyone got a terrific package!!!


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