I’m just stopping in to say how much I hate housework! Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping – I hate it all and unfortunately that’s how I’m spending my days BUT it will be worth it because I’m getting ready for a visit from my Mom, sister, and niece tomorrow. They’re traveling from Maryland and Virginia to visit me here in Minneapolis and I can’t wait!

Because whatever arrhythmia I’m having is acting up, I’m having to take frequent breaks and am spending that time sorting through the 820 photos I took on the Alaska trip. That’s not as impressive as it sounds because I typically take 2-5 photos of any one scene trying to get the perfect photograph so I have LOTS of sorting to do.

I mentioned that we traveled not only with our sons and DIL but Keith’s brother’s family. We have such a great time with them and miss living close by. They’re in Florida and while 9 of our 19 years of marriage were spent living in South Florida near them, we moved away for the second time 6 years ago.

Keith and Craig
From left to right – William, Mary, Samantha, Andrew, and Craig
And yes for anyone who might have picked up on it – we have TWO Mary Johnson’s in the family!


  1. I’m with you on the housework! Is it Monday you go to the doctor? Take it easy!! That’s kinda neat to have a SIL named Mary!

  2. What a great looking crew. Did you cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge? We did and loved it!I like housework, at least my own housework. Take care of yourself!PS – I love your Dots lunchbox and the gifities inside.

  3. Housework .. dirty word! ah well .. perfect life would be playing with fabric all day long, and the house and meals getting done on their own .. be careful with yourself .. if it gets to bad, please get it checked out 🙂grace

  4. Be careful of that arrythmia! They can fit a pacemaker to even it out.Loved your goodies.Am also loving your photos.I too, hate housework, & feel it should do itself. Since Gom took over the vacuuming, I get a break from that at leas!

  5. I had a severe palpatations episode 9 years ago. It ended up being stress that caused it and it was straightened out with a beta blocker. I hope yours is as easy to fix.

  6. Mary it is so fun to read your blog entries about Alaska, my hubby and I returned from Alaska just 10 days ago — amazing trip! We also traveled with Princess — it was good! The daylight for 23 hours really threw us off, but the sights were incredible!Take care Mary, feel better soon!!

  7. love your photos Mary-gosh, hope the heart thing works fun to have your family come to visit-worth all that rotten housework!!!

  8. Love your blog, Mary, your pics are wonderful! It gets confusing have two people in the family with the same name, doesn’t it? I’m Nancy, my brother is Roger, he married a Nancy and I married a Roger – talk about confusing conversations! Take care of yourself – good luck at the dr.

  9. When I was married, I had the same name as my MIL. We lived in a small town in OK, so we had the postman just put ALL our mail into one PO box and we sorted it out ourselves. I’d told God that I didn’t want an unusual married last name, where people would go, “Betty who?” Instead, I became a Betty Ware. When I got re-singled, I took back my last name, since there were no children, just 5 cats. 🙂

  10. sounds like you are preaching to the chior about housework 🙂 LOL as I feel the same way as you! I have never liked grocery shopping and now that I have kids I hate it even more – I just can not get in and out… and now especially with the twins, it turns into a 3 hour event before I know it! *sigh*Enjoy your visit with your mom and family!!! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  11. LOL, forgot to mention that before posting I searched the trash can (but with no luck) b/c last night as I was clearing off the desk there was a LQS newsletter with a poem about each day of the week and the wife didn’t cook or clean… but all the quilting she did… then by the end of the week he hired a maid… but then she learned to quilt too! LOL OH how I wish I hadn’t thrown that away -I could have typed it up on my blog as a posting… Oh well! ;C)~bonnie

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