The Mississippi River

Moving to Minneapolis, one thing that excited me was actually seeing the Mississippi River for the first time. Mom also looked forward to seeing it on her visit so this afternoon we walked out on the Stone Arch Bridge and stood in the middle of the river (well, actually above the river). An unexpected bonus was watching a large group of kayaks go through the dam at St. Anthony Falls.

We also worked on postcards today. I chose a pattern and fused mine for our August family exchange. Ann worked on beading her sunflower center – this is her first attempt at ribbon embroidery.
Mom finished up her poinsettias and has started beading her centers too. This is also her first attempt at ribbon embroidery. In fact, Mom prefers machine work and said that she didn’t think she’d be able to do this when we started. As usual she managed to do a very nice job.

We went to Mass at the Basilica of Saint Mary’s and finished off the night with a spectacular fireworks display which we watched from our balcony.


  1. That’s great that you were able to see the kayaks going through! Look like everyone is having fun. The postcards are so cute. Every time I see yours, I want to do some too.

  2. I’ve become intrigued with the postcards … OH NO!! Another addiction?? LOL! Know nothing about ribbon embroidery … guess I’ll have to visit JoAnn’s and see if they have a book on it (or a little class). Love your blog, Mary … check it out faithful each day ~ thanks for sharing. The pictures of the bridge, Mississippi and kayakers were great. I’ve always been amazed at the “power” of that river (spend childhoods in Dubuque, Iowa ~ also on the Mississippi) and it brought back good memories. Have a great Sunday! Linda

  3. That’s a gorgeous scene of your family and the Mississippi. Too bad you couldn’t have been in it with them.Guess every passion has a “community.” Quilters, knitters, bloggers…kayakers. Very cool!LOVE the ribbon art! Wow! You Mom doesn’t care for doing it? I wouldn’t have every guessed…hers is gorgeous!

  4. I love seeing the Stone Arch Bridge. I live near Minneapolis too, and it’s one of my favorite places to walk. I’ve never worked on postcards, but they look fun. Right now I’m making a table runner.

  5. You should take a trip about 2 hours NW of Mpls to Itaska State Park….there you can walk across the Mississippi, literally, its only about 8-10 inches deep and you can walk in the river for quite a distance. One of Minnesota nicer state parks.Karen L

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