Time for setting goals

My company is gone and I’ve got no travel planned until the end of August so it’s time to set some quilting and personal goals.

  1. Laundry – I’ve got tons of towels and sheets to wash
  2. Convert my sewing room back from a guest room
  3. Re-join Weight Watchers (the online version only)
  4. Walk or bike 30 minutes – 1 hour daily
  5. Put backing on 2 postcards and finish the edges
  6. Quilt a minimum of 10 tops between now and the end of August (more would be great)
  7. Piecing and binding to be done as I can fit them in but quilting will my main focus through August.

It was windy standing on the Stone Arch Bridge so this isn’t a great photo but the reason I didn’t share it earlier this week was due more to my chubbiness. Between seeing Ann who has lost the weight she’d gained over the last several years and reaching the point that I need to either lose some weight or buy all new pants, I’ve decided it’s time to lose weight(again).

I also wanted to thank all of you who have written to ask how Chesty is doing. He’s still limping so we have an appointment for a surgical consult at the University Vet Hospital on Thursday morning.

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  1. Mary I think you look great! But i know we all have our inner vision of ourselves … mine isn’t even distinctly related to the reality LOLGood to hear about Chesty – praying for him**cheering Mary on for her goals!!

  2. LOVE the picture…all of you! How sweet a memory! (All four of you have that gorgeous bone structure in the contours of your faces. Great cheeks! 😉Good for you for choosing the online WW. My girlfriend does that and sees wonderful results. Best wishes to you!Sweet Chesty. Give him a hug from a ND animal lover! 😉

  3. Gaining weight was one of the reasons I stopped posting! I was so disqusted with myself and didn’t want anyone to know. However, I have come clean and am on my way to relose the bit I’ve gained. We can do this!

  4. Mary, Good to see your goals. I just got back from a trip and need to diet, exercise and quilt. So I will be keeping up with you!!!How did the doctor’s appt. go? Diane in Alaska

  5. you can do it mary…i have btdt toooo many times and it’s no fun. i’ll be cheering for you!!!laurieps…hope chesty will be fine

  6. Maybe we should have a WW online support group. Like how was your day, what can I do to support you? I belong but it doesn’t work if you don’t use it, lol! You have inspired me to work harder at that now. We can both do it!!

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