Back on track

Since I already had this small HeartStrings top from St. Mary’s Peace by Piece Quilters downstairs ready to load, I started with it this morning. Quilting flowers from the Pajama Quilter DVD made quick work of it AND the backing was large enough to add another small top too. You can click on the photos to see a larger view.
This HeartStrings top was pieced by Deb in Arizona and I thought the Bubbles pantograph added a touch of whimsy to these cats. Both of these tops were small BUT they still count toward my goal of quilting 10 tops before the end of August. Tomorrow, I’ll load and start quilting one of my Aunt’s tops.
I also managed to do a 45 minute walk – to Target and back where I purchased a scale to replace the one broken during our move AND two of these water bottles. I signed up with Weight Watchers online and one of my challenges is drinking enough water. I can put one Crystal Light on-the-go packet in these and I’ll need to empty both of them each day.

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  1. Wow, you really got going on your list. That’s great. I love the quilts. You are an inspiration to me. Diane in Alaska

  2. Hi Mary .. those cats look familiar – did you get them out of “The Cat’s Meow” pattern is Susan’s Cats I think???and like you .. i have a hard time drinking enough water everyday .. **cheers for Mary!!!grace

  3. I love the flower pattern. It looks great on that quilt. I just got a longarm. Hopefully I will be able to quilt that well sometime in the not too far future.

  4. Mary, you really don't look fat to me!But I guess you know how you want to look & feel- as my mother who weighed 7 stone on a 'fat' day! used to tell me!I hope Chesty will be OK. I am taking Honey in for surgery for an ear tomorrow. I am such a coward where my pets are concerned!

  5. I have the same water challenge! But I hate warm water so use smaller ones and re-fill more frequently! Exercise is the second challenge. I will try to get some tonight. Maybe I will ride my bike to the church for quilting tonight if it isn’t raining!!

  6. Hey Mary … love the quilts.I’m a WW too. There’s a large quilters group under the 50yr forum … you might be interested. Look for Quilters Thread.

  7. I think the computer just ate my original post. Anyway, what I said was great job on the freemotion flowers. Bubbles is fast becoming one of my favourite pantos, especially for kids quilts as it does add a touch of whimsy. Hope poor Chesty is feeling better soon and won’t require surgery.

  8. I need to actually watch the DVD you inspired me to buy!I wish I had a long or mid arm but my trusty Pfaff’s will handle alot. The quilting looked great and the two projects must have been fun to get done.Cheers to you for “paying yourself” with joining WW. Do you still have steps? Set a goal for them hourlly and when I did my foot surgery I had to “climb” the steps on my buns lifting myself up or down the steps holding out the surgery leg. My arms were awsome and my tummy really started looking good! Then I had to start using my foot again, another story. Walking is always great. 10 quilts in 30 days will certainly burn off some “extras”…darn extras!Thanks for posting the link on the new quilts.Jane nj/WI

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