Mall of America and Postcards

I’m not much for shopping but I had fun anyway – the girls and I went to the Mall of America this afternoon. I’ve been there 3 times in the year and a half we’ve been here and each time was was to take visitors.

Now Ann and Mom are trying some ribbon embroidery on postcards and Sarah is beading. Postcards make the perfect project for trying new techniques. The glass of wine in the middle of the photo – that’s mine!

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Chesty’s limping again even with very restricted activity. I’m going to see how he does tomorrow but it looks like we’re going to have to have a surgical consult.

When was the last time this blog saw some quilting content?? I think I had TOO much travel this past month. and I’m going nuts waiting to get back to work but I refuse to *wish* away my time with Mom, Ann, and Sarah who arrived today. It’s so wonderful to have them visiting me.

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I’m just stopping in to say how much I hate housework! Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping – I hate it all and unfortunately that’s how I’m spending my days BUT it will be worth it because I’m getting ready for a visit from my Mom, sister, and niece tomorrow. They’re traveling from Maryland and Virginia to visit me here in Minneapolis and I can’t wait!

Because whatever arrhythmia I’m having is acting up, I’m having to take frequent breaks and am spending that time sorting through the 820 photos I took on the Alaska trip. That’s not as impressive as it sounds because I typically take 2-5 photos of any one scene trying to get the perfect photograph so I have LOTS of sorting to do.

I mentioned that we traveled not only with our sons and DIL but Keith’s brother’s family. We have such a great time with them and miss living close by. They’re in Florida and while 9 of our 19 years of marriage were spent living in South Florida near them, we moved away for the second time 6 years ago.

Keith and Craig
From left to right – William, Mary, Samantha, Andrew, and Craig
And yes for anyone who might have picked up on it – we have TWO Mary Johnson’s in the family!


I won a drawing on Beth’s blog and look what arrived today! Fabric, note cards, buttons, and isn’t that the cutest lunch box? Thanks Beth!

I also received my July card from our family Postcard exchange that we started a few months ago. We just make one per month and Deb tells us who we send it to. There are 7 of us participating and we’re having lots of fun but I’ve fallen behind on my Journal Project and need to start making those again too. This month’s card came from my cousin Heather in PA, don’t you love it??

Here’s another family photo from our trip. In Skagway, we did a 6-7 mile hike before going into town for lunch. I also mentioned buying a kit while I was there and you can see it here – I haven’t decided if I’ll use the pattern included or make up one myself.

I had several comments about how much Adam and Keith looked alike after posting the last photo and had to go back and look at it myself. Surprisingly, they really do look alike in that photo. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here on my blog but Keith got a package deal when he married me 19 years ago – the boys were 5 & 6 years old then.

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A couple photos

Anyone who’s been on a cruise knows I’m sure that they take lots of photos and post them for sale. For the most part we didn’t participate in the group photos but we did get one as we came on board the ship and one of my sons at dinner one night.

Left to Right – Chris, Becky (my DIL), Mary, Adam, & Keith
Chris & Adam

Chesty’s home

And he’s not too pleased with me. After an enthusiastic greeting, he’s sitting with me but ignoring me at the same time.

He’s got another few days on the anti-inflammatory medication, another week on crate rest and then we’ll see how he does. If the lameness returns (he was walking OK today) after that, we have to make an appointment for him to be evaluated by the surgeon. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Today is catch up day – mail, email, laundry, and cleaning so I won’t get any closer to my sewing machine today other than packing up my table and rearranging the sewing room for company that comes on Thursday. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be really busy so I don’t expect to get any sewing done this week.

My Sunday progress and stashbusting report consists entirely of the purchase of one kit while I was in Alaska which contains a *glacier* pattern and lots of blues. I’m leaning toward designing my own quilt rather than using the pattern but we’ll see. No fabric used, no progress made.

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We’re home

I’m so happy to be home – 10 days is a LONG time to be away. Tomorrow we’ll rush down and pick up Chesty but for tonight I’m relaxing in my chair on the laptop catching up on email.

I haven’t had more than a few days with my sons at a time in the last couple years so it was a real pleasure to be with them over the 10 days we visited Vancouver and Alaska.We have mixed feelings about cruising but we loved spending this time with family (both our sons and DIL and Keith’s brother’s family) and a cruise turned out to be an excellent choice – we had plenty of time together but also *space* when we wanted quiet time alone.

I took HUNDREDS of photos but I thought I’d share a few taken the day we were at Hubbard Glacier – the absolute highlight of the trip other than the time spent with family.

We watched and listened in awe as multiple pieces of the glacier broke off into Disenchantment Bay.
Keith tried to take a couple photos of me but the deck above created shadows across half my face – he snapped this one as I joked that I needed to hang over the railing to get my entire face in the sunlight.