1. Oh, poor little guy – he does look pretty sad. I’m sure he’ll feel much better after lots of LTC from Mum.Hope he has a quick recovery and feels better soon.

  2. He looks so sad. Does he have pain medication? I’m sure he feels better just being home again with his family. We always feel better at home in our own bed, don’t we??

  3. O Mary it brings tears to my eyes to see Chesty! I hope he makes a good recovery, & will be fine after this.My blog was inaccessable yesterday. It was something to do with Site Meters or Blogger. Seems find today.

  4. Did the surgery go well for Chesty? I hope he is feeling much better soon. It’s so sad when our pets are ill or hurting.

  5. Poor guy. Hope the surgery went well though…and hope he got pain meds that just make him sleep through it all. Our dog would take any kind of pill if you put a dab of peanut butter on it…..I can’t wait to see a photo of him when he is back to his perky self!

  6. awww poor thing .. he just looks so whacked .. glad he’s home and praying for his quick recovery .. what a sweetie boy!!grace

  7. Poor Chesty, he’s probably still wondering what on earth happened to him. I hope he’s doped up on pills and can’t remember this time when his leg is so sore. Keep posting updates on his progress, won’t you?

  8. OH no, I hate seeing poor furry babies with shaved parts! Poor thing looks pitiful but I’m sure after a few weeks he’ll feel better. Then the long recovery begins. Take good care of him Mommy.

  9. Poor baby! Hope he has plenty of pain meds. Glad it went well. It’s going to be tough for you both keeping him resting after he starts feeling better! Guess you’ll need to dig out the baby sling carrier.

  10. I know it is so hard to see your puppy hurting, but good thing is they bounce back. My dog had to have emergency surgery this spring because he ate a size 12 leather slipper and it got stuck in his stomach. 4 months later you wouldn’t know.Speedy recovery to the little guy.

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