1. That’s so funny. Chesty certainly doesn’t have any dachshund blood or he wouldn’t be cooperative at all! Does everything seem to be going as expected with his recovery and therapy?

  2. Flex and extend, flex and extend! I think I need those exercises. My legs look exactly like Chesty’s too–one hairy, one shaved! Tee-hee-hee! Kidding of course. What a sweet dog he is. He looks comfortable. Does he like it when you exercise his leg?

  3. Glad to see Chesty is doing his exercises. My doctor wants me to do the same exercises,same leg too. I’m glad someone mentioned chicken leg– just looking at his leg made me hungry. Don’t worry I have my own cute dog leg– my dogs name is yum yum. Keep up the chin all looks well for you and familyLori

  4. I am soooooo glad to see how well Chesty is doing…..You are a good nurse! Will you be taking Chesty with you to VA?

  5. What a sweet baby to let you exercise his little leg without a fuss. You are so blessed that he has such a sweet disposition!Michele in TN

  6. Oh dear… He certainly doesn’t seem to mind the attention. I don’t know, if your heat is anything like mine maybe Chesty would appreciate having the rest of him shaved too. That one leg sure looks cool to me!

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