Weight-loss Wednesday

So how did I do week one?

  • 6.6 lbs lost
  • drank 64 oz of water 5 of 7 days, the other two days just managed 32 oz.
  • Walked 3 of 7 days.

First,with my weight loss this week you’d think I probably had to starve myself but I think it’s due mainly to two things – drinking water and actually eating more but having a concentration on more fruits and vegetables. One of my biggest problems with my managing my weight is that I tend to skip a LOT of meals which slows my metabolism way down.

While I did pretty well drinking my water, I need to make sure I get the 64 oz in every day and that means starting to drink earlier in the day.

My goal for exercise was to walk or bike 5 of 7 days and I fell short on this one. I’ll blame Chesty’s surgery and try to do better.

So how did you do Juliann .Pam, and anyone else playing along?

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  1. Wow, that is great. I have a hard time getting water down. Keep up the good work.Diane in Alaska

  2. Wow … that’s great and incredible. I absolutely HAVE to do something … My diabetes is going to get out of control unless I toughen up on myself. I’m checking WW on line out and might be joining in with the group. I’ll set a profile up soon.Flatlander (Linda)

  3. I’ve been on Jenny Craig now for 3 weeks and it took me that long to lose 6.5 pounds! You’re doing great. One thing that Jenny does is have you eat 3 meals and at least 2 snacks with tons of fruits and veggies. That is really making a difference for me too. I tend to skip meals too, and eat fast food a lot when I do eat a meal. I need to concentrate on being more active and getting more water down each day. 40 oz. is my limit so far! Keep it up, Mary!Michele in TN

  4. Wow, great, Mary! I did not fare so well. I think my days have been way too stressful and I have not been journaling. I will start clean on Monday and see where I go. Water and exercise are my downfalls also. Although I got out and walked more this week than last!

  5. Great success. I have been successful in weightloss (40 lbs) in the past. I struggle every day to keep it off. I used to have many tips, but be darned if I can think of any right now.

  6. great job Mary!!!Keep up the great work!I’ve been trying to drink more water and behave myself – had a small ‘lapse’ yesterday as we did wendy’s for dinner and i did NOT want another salad so I got a bacon cheeseburger .. oh and a blizzard the other nite .. but i can’t kick myself for those, just make adjustments and move forward . and drink MORE WATER (that’s a message to me)grace

  7. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go mary! I’ve gained about 6 back of the 30 I lost but that’s ok…lots of stress right now. keep it up!hugslaurie

  8. Great job on the weightloss Mary! I think I may join you on your journey. I’ll start posting my stats on Wednesday’s along with you. I’m not following any particular program ~ I just need to get back to a regular schedule and drink wwwaaayyy more water! 🙂 ~Jessica

  9. Fantastic weight loss – congratulations! I can’t believe how much you lost in one week.I went to a late WW meeting yesterday – 3:45 instead of my normal 7:45 as we didn’t get back from camping until almost noon. Only .4 of a pound this week. Disappointing, but I told myself that weighing later in the day after two meals, etc. definitely makes a difference. Also, it was hard to not snack and nibble – my normal camping behavior – and I fell off the wagon a little at times. At least I lost something. I have high hopes of doing better this week. 8 pounds so far in 6 weeks – certainly better than nothing!Now – if I could only find the urge to exercise!

  10. Wednesday completely slipped by! I am not weighing myself for a month so I don’t know about that but I did walk more than 12000 steps every day the last week and I have added some weight work to help build muscle.Great job on the weight loss. That first week is very inspirational.

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