Is it possible to catch up?

Inspired by a question JudyL asked, I decide to tally up the projects in progress and those tops waiting for me to quilt them.

12 HeartStrings tops still waiting for quilting ( I thought I had 6-8 before I counted)
2 of Mom’s tops – one I need to add borders to
2 pillow shams and a top from my Aunt that need quilting
1 wallhanging from my sister to quilt
numerous tops of my own to quilt (I won’t drag these all out to count but let’s just say it’s more than 10)

4 bindings to stitch down

3 piecing projects to finish up

AND a couple of postcards needing backings and the edges finished.

Top #6 of 10 is on the longarm and about 1/2 way quilted. Maybe if I repeat this goal of  quilting 10 a month for the rest of the year I’d catch up but since I’m not ready to commit to that, I’ll just plan on setting a goal of another 10 in September.

Speaking of catching up – this is why I don’t purge all the blog posts waiting to be read. I would have missed these string quilts by Rhonda. And this post of Morah’s that reminded me I’ve wanted to try locker hooking ever since I saw this rug VickiW made. Ok, given the list at the top of the post, maybe NOT seeing Morah’s post would have been a good thing since I wasn’t able to resist ordering supplies to make my own rug.

Chesty’s break from the crate is over and I’m heading downstairs to get back to work.

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4 thoughts on “Is it possible to catch up?

  1. You’re braver than I am to list the works in progress. I just ask the questions . . I don’t answer them! 🙂 So glad to hear Chesty’s doing good.

  2. Great post Mary. I went off to visit those wonderful string quilt tops, & loved seeing the quilts. Also checked out the rugs. Dont think I need another hobby!!Give Chesty a pat from me, & a lick from Honey & Leo

  3. Wow! Quilting 10 a month… you’re amazing! Look at you, you’re already at #6. I’m sure you will hit your goal.Thanks for mentioning my string quilts. :o)

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