Conflicting goals

I realized yesterday after finishing the quilting on #6 of 10 that the reason I’m not hitting my goal to walk or bike 30-1 hour 5 days a week or more is that I’m CHOSING to spend my time in my quilting or sewing rooms. With Chesty recovering from surgery, he can only be out of the crate when I’m sitting right by him so that consumes blocks of time too.

I’m going to decrease my walking/biking goal rather than my quilting goals. I’ll aim for getting out 4 times a week – the week starts on Wednesday and I’ve done one walk. When Keith gets home from work this afternoon, I’m going to talk him into walking around downtown for a couple hours. I feel the need to get out and about and I’ll get a walk in.

The Olympic Opening Ceremonies are tonight so I’m going to gather my binding supplies. Get ready to start seeing finished quilt photos on the balcony!

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  1. I’m getting back into walking slowly as I’m recovering from surgery. I walk in 15-min increments, a few times a day. There are some studies that show this is more effective for weight loss than doing it all in one chunk, probably because it keeps your metabolism higher. Maybe you’d find it easier to do a few short walks than one long one. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  2. I always think that if I really had wanted to be svelte and sexy I should have taken up a different hobby. Quilting and handwork just do not provide exercise. One can hardly jog in place while one quilts! This is a daily choice for all of us quilters. Are we going to move our bods or are we going to put in a few more stitches? By the look of me, I’m putting in the stitches.

  3. Why don’t you just add more hours to your day and then you can meet all your goals?? And, you can then share with the rest of us how you figured out how to add more hours!

  4. I’ve finished the binding on one quilt already just watching the men’s gymnastics. They are amazing. Who knows I may get some work done during all of this!

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