Top #7 of 10 quilted

I decided my Wonky Rails needed a wonky grid so I quilted the first pass and ran upstairs to even my sides up to reload the quilt…and promptly started trimming like I was getting ready to bind.
Since I needed an edge to attach to the leaders, I decided to try using safety pins – and it worked. I also shorted myself on the side there – couldn’t clamp it so I had to hold it with my hand as I started each pass.

This is why I wasn’t paying attention. I have a wallhanging to quilt for my younger sister that needs a background fill. Deb does this one so well that I asked her to draw out how she quilts it and used the leftover backing from the above quilt to see if I could quilt it. I have a few little issues with spacing but I think with a matching thread and a little more practice, I can probably manage to quilt this.
I did manage to reload and finish quilting the Wonky Rails – here’s a front view of my uneven grid…
and a back view. Only 3 more tops to meet my goal of 10 quilted before the end of August.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog this year, and I am amazed at the number of quilts that you have completed. You will definitely meet your August goal.

  2. I just love your blog! You always have something great to show and your machine quilting is beautiful! Thanks for being such a great read!

  3. Love the Wonky Grid!!! May I use your idea sometime?! I could call it Mary Wonky or Wonky Mary or something. 😉LOVE the freehanding! I KNOW you can manage it!

  4. mary, you can use the fill that deb uses. you did a great job. it’s always just remembering what i’m doing, at least for me. once you don’t have you nose in it, and look at it from a distance, any imperfections will disappear.hugs, patti in

  5. Love the wonky grid! And it is perfect for that quilt.The fill is looking good…the spacing will come as you do it. I think that for a first try it looks fabulous!

  6. I love to use the wonky grid, but I’ve never turned the quilt. Great idea! Thanks for showing a real closeup of Deb’s fill.

  7. Mary, You might reach your goal of 10 before the end of August. You go girl!!!! They are all great. Diane in Alaska

  8. If only I could do so well on a first try with a fill….I’d go professional…immediately! It looks great!Michele in TN

  9. Wow, that quilting fill is gorgeous! I’ve been looking at your picture zoomed in and trying to figure out how it’s done! Fantastic!

  10. Take a look at Darcie’s quilting, it looks a bit like this, but a bit easier to understand I think. Her link is on my sidebar, Quilting by Darcie. scroll her blog, and you’ll see what I mean. I tried it myself, and it was so fun!!! i really love visiting your blog. You do such lovely work, I love it:-)

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