Yesterday was a productive day!

In addition to quilting the Wonky RWB Rails that I showed yesterday, I finished the binding on two quilts and got another two quilts washed, dried and ready for donation. This first top was pieced by Deb in AZ and sent to me to quilt and donate.

This HeartStrings top was pieced by Barbara in FL.

I took Chesty to get his stitches out this morning and he’s doing pretty good. Still trying to bite/lick the incision so he’s been in the e-collar whenever he’s not sitting with me. I’m hoping that having the stitches out will decrease the itching and he’ll leave it alone.

I have to gather up some quilts to take for a talk I’m giving at a local guild tomorrow so I probably won’t get much work done today – if I have time, I’ll put the binding on the Wonky RWB Rails. I’ve finished the binding on 4 out 5 quilts I had waiting and there’s still a lot more to Olympics to watch.

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  1. Looks good! Pixel was being so good…I thought!!. Then I took a shower and 15 minutes later he had sneeked into the recess of the closet and ripped out 2/3 of his running stitches. I was so mad. I grabbed him put him into the carrier and told him not to EVEN THINK of crying about having to go back to the vet. Normally then wait the whole way, but he DIDN’T make a sound in the car!LOL! He knew he was in serious trouble. Luckily it was day 7 and he was fine, but it looked horrid! Hope the e’collar does the trick.

  2. Boy you are really productive this week. They all look great.Glad Chesty got his sutures out, that should help with the biting…it always feels so good to get them out!

  3. Oh Mary tell Deb that those cats are so cute and I love how randomly there are two side by side. 🙂 So bright and cheereful! That binding is perfect! You both did a great job on it. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. You’ve even colour co-ordinated your flowers for the pictures. Hope Chesty continues to improve and the itch goes away so he stops licking.

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