Getting ready for #9

Before I head downstairs to load my 9th top, I thought I’d share photos of #8. This is Mom’s top and some of you might recognize it from the book Best of Black Mountain Quilts. I made a version of that quilt 2+ years ago and Mom loved it so much that she’s pieced it 3 times now, once for my brother, this one which is also a gift, and I have one more sitting downstairs waiting to quilt for her.

You can click on both photos for a larger view!

I mentioned in my previous post I used the pantograph Windy Day to quilt it. I’ll just warn anyone looking at that pantograph it’s kind of fussy with lines really close together and although I’ve had it for at least a couple years I’d never used it for that reason. This time I decided I’d just use the pantograph to space my curls and wouldn’t worry about staying on the lines or quilting the pattern exactly. It worked great and I’m really pleased with how this turned out.

I’m such a nice daughter that I’ve already machine stitched the binding on for her and will start hand stitching it down tonight. If she’s lucky, I’ll have it done before I visit her next Monday.

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  1. Beautiful … absolutely beautiful. LOVE the colors … I’m partial to those hues … funny how we always seem to gravitate to comfortable colors?? I love that book, too … both Teri Christopherson and Barbara Brandeburg (Black Mountain Quilts) are two of my favorite designers. Remind me a lot of Kim Diehl’s designs … Flatlander (Linda)

  2. I really like that panto, but hesitated buying it because I wondered if the stitching puckered where the lines crossed?? It looks very nice on your quilt. I like swirly patterns, the repeating symmetrical ones are more difficult, have to keep them all the same and in line. Rather like your clamshells (which I have never gotten up the nerve to TRY!!)Want a circle lord for baptist fans and circles, spirals. Just putting off ordered it. A fall person. Fall is a good time of year. Cool nights, sunshiney dans. Your mother’s pattern is very nice!

  3. It’s so great that you are accomplishing so much! I’ve been glued to the TV watching the Olympics, but have nothing quilt-related to show for my couch-potato time.

  4. Mary –Your quilts are fabulous. I especially love the rich colors in this one. You certainly are an inspiration. Now, if I could just leave these blogs alone, I could get up to my studio and work on my own projects!

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