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I managed to get the binding on the small quilt from yesterday and pieced a backing for this one this morning but with Chesty being very demanding today – it’s not finished yet. I’m about 1/2 way done with the quilting and the bubbles are looking great. I decided to go with the hearts on the next quilt.

For those wondering how Chesty is doing with his recovery – he’s fine but having a problem with continued confinement and the restrictions on running, playing, and jumping. His incision is completely healed so the last couple days I’ve let him go without the e-collar when he’s in the crate and so far he’s being good and not biting on the leg.

I thought a walk in the park this afternoon would buy me a couple hours of quilting time but he was barking for me after an hour.

Hopefully, I’ll get the binding stitched down tonight and I’ll show you a full photo of Deborah’s donation top tomorrow.

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  1. Perhaps a book on tape would keep the lil’ guy entertained while you quilt. Or a bit of aspirin to ease the pain and induce drowsiness. I wonder what the vet would say. Love the swirls.

  2. Chesty is just like all of us only you can’t reason with him. We all get bored as we are recovering and it is difficult to follow the confinement rules. I’m glad you are being patient with him, sometimes that is difficult for us too! Hang in there! How much longer is the confinement?

  3. I love the bubbles. Nice job. Just think, Chesty will be all better soon and he won’t be so restricted. I am glad he is healing well.

  4. The bubble quilting looks fab!! Look forward to seeing the whole quilt.Glad to hear Chesty is on the mend, even though it is being quite high maintenance right now 🙂

  5. Sometimes don’t you wish you could just explain the reasons to Chesty so he could settle down and go with the flow? Hope he and you are soon back to the normal routine.

  6. Catching up on blog reading once again – seems to be the story of my life! I love these bubbles. I think I may just have to order that one. I’ve got a nice sum in my bank account from all the customer quilts I’ve done lately so I think it’s time for some new pantographs!

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