Binding finished

Another binding finished last night – this VERY cute top was pieced by Deborah. I showed a close-up of the quilting the other day but you can click on this photo for a larger view too.

I combined my walk today with some errands – to the post office to mail two quilts to Alycia for her Quilts of Valor project; then downtown to Barnes and Noble and Target.

I’ve sat with Chesty for a bit and now I’m ready to head downstairs and hopefully finish up the quilting I started yesterday.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of the animal quilt. I’m intrigued by the animals in a churn dash in a churn dash 🙂Glad Chesty is healing but like others doesn’t like the in-activitiy healing sometimes brings 🙂

  2. Love the quilt, very clever continuing the block design into the border. I have the animal fabric that you have used somewhere in my stash. Maybe I should dig it up and do something with it.

  3. Glad to hear that Chesty is on the mend and that he’ll be dashing around soon. It is hard for our furry family members to understand confinement and changes in their lives.

  4. I can already vision some tiny tot dragging this lovey quilt behind him as he toddles around the house. 🙂 Great job Deb in your bring and fun pattern… and the swirls look great! 🙂Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. Mary, I was looking at all your past post and this cute quilt you just completed. I’m in awe as to how much you have accomplished in the past month! Very pretty quilts, and nice quilting! You sure get a lot done! Whew!

  6. What a cute quilt. I have a book-related question-Have you read “The Lace Reader” I saw a blurb about it in a Borders e-mail and it looks interesting. Now when I see new books I think of you-the only other bookmaven I know.

  7. That is adorable. Does she have a pattern written up for that? If not, would love to know the dimensions so I could try to figure it out for myself.

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