Weight-loss Wednesday – Week 3

Not much progress this week but I’m feeling pretty good and my pants fit better so I’m going to keep at it.

  • No weight loss this week – 6 lbs lost in 3 weeks
  • Walking goals met although I’ve had to count shorter 15-20 minute walks and not just 30-1 hour to get my time in.
  • Still doing great with the water – 64 oz water intake 6 out of 7 days

How did YOU do this week?

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  1. My diet is SlimFast (yuck). But if I stick with it, and have a light meal for supper…. the weight is coming off. (Cannot walk for exercise because of physical problems). Most days it feels like I am going to starve. But my body is fitting into clothing that was too small for years, that feels better than hunger pains. LOL

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