Knit one Purl one

You know I’ve been spending the Olympics binding quilts but I finished the last one Saturday night and decided I needed a project for the Closing Ceremonies and to carry with me on my trip.

Inspired by all the knitting I’ve seen going on in blogland I decided to start a scarf. It’s simple, knit in seed stitch but I’m pretty slow at switching back and forth between knit and purl for each stitch. I wonder how much I’ll have done when I get home Saturday??

Speaking of knitting, what’s your FAVORITE simple rectangular shawl pattern? I don’t like to knit complex patterns especially since I have pretty basic knitting skills and like to let my mind wander when I’m knitting but want something more elegant than garter stitch.

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  1. Congrats on binding all your quilts. You deserve a gold medal. Can’t help you with the knitting. I just do hats on the looms you buy in the craft store.

  2. I’ve done some dishcloth patterns and you can prolly translate those to scarves .. hmmm .. I think I googled knitted dishcloths and got a million hits .. congrats on your finishing and your knitting will pick up speed as you move along 🙂have fun on your tripgrace

  3. I, too, have recently started knitting … so many people were into those quick/easy scarves with the fancy yard. I’d love to learn how to knit sock and/or mittens but am focusing on really simple stuff right now. Can’t help you with a simple shawl pattern but I would think any stitch on larger needles would give you an open, lacy effect … you just need to cast on as wide as you want it and make it was long as you want it. You could finish off the edges with a simple crochet stitch or hand-tied tassles … neither is that difficult. Flatlander (Linda)

  4. I was on a shawl kick (pattern search) this past w/e. The prayer shawl you could basically make any size you want. There don’t seem to be many square shawls out there that are not time-intensive or lace-like. I love Eliz. Zimmerman’s Stonington Shawl, but it would prob. take me the rest of my life to do it. Also love Cheryl Oberle’s book -Folk Shawls- (library). In the end, if it had to be square, fast, and easy, I’d buy some dynamic yarn and enlarge a diagonally-knitted baby blanket (free at LionBrand).

  5. I think I have that Martha shawl pattern. I think it was a free pattern by lionbrand or some other yarn manufacturer. If you want it let me know and I’ll look for it.

  6. That seed stitch IS very slow! I knit LB an entire baby blanket before he was born – he still uses it – beautiful, but time consuming for sure. Keep at it – the results are well worth it.Cheers!Evelyn

  7. I love that beautiful, blue yarn. For a shawl I’d suggest looking up prayer shawls (easy google search). They’re easy and beautiful.

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