I have been reading this summer too

I’ve been lazy updating my Shefari bookshelf but caught up Sunday before leaving. I’ll just warn you that my rating system only denotes how much I enjoyed the book and not necessarily how well it was written.

Mysteries and historical fiction tend to be my favorites and I LOVE books that come in series so I can read about the same characters.

In addition to my knitting, I’ve brought the Kindle along and *stocked* it with a handful of books to keep me entertained.

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  1. OK, I guess we are all reading more this summer. I am finishing the 4th in a series of 8 by Jack Whyte. This one is The Saxon shore and the whole series has been excellent! (If you like King Arthur stories!) You should check them out! Shelfari is cool, I may have to set that up too!

  2. Hello, It is nice to see the beautiful quilts on your page.and to read about your goals. YOU CAN DO IT!!!.. I have jsut started making string blocks,, mostly in part to Bonnie Hunter and Your site. May I suggest a good author. Beverly Lewis, she writes about Lancaster Co. Amish, (novels).. keep up the good work.. have a fun, safe trip. hope to see more pics when you are done or during..

  3. I love mysteries and listen to them when I am quilting or driving and read when I am waiting in doctor’s offices or any appointment. I saw that you have a mystery by Nevada Barr. I really enjoy her books and have been downloading them from my local library. I have listened to 4 of her books so far. One of my favorite books is not a mystery. It had been on the best seller’s list years ago. It is Stones from the River. I hope I have the title right. The story is told by a dwarf and takes place in Germany just before the war. It is a must read!Diane

  4. Ooo, how do you like the Kindle? J-Man and I are planning on getting one for the DD for Christmas, as Amazon has a special on right now. She loves to read, but lives in a tiny one-bedroom apartment and her bookshelves are already full, so I figure this will come in handy.Are the costs for uploading books prohibitive?

  5. There is an author I would like to recommend that I think you would enjoy….Her name is Nevada Barr and her books are about a National Park ranger ….since you like to travel and National Parks are something you enjoy you would like these mysteries….I am on the last three of her books and will really miss them…..hopefully some new releases very soon……

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