1. That’s a beauty, Mary … I don’t think you’ll have a problem with that one … travel safe! Linda (Flatlander)

  2. I love the openness of the pattern.Can you carry knitting needles thru the check points when flying? I got some grief on a small crochet hook so just take books now.

  3. Very pretty, but I have to agree with some of the others…it doesn’t look like a simple pattern. Give it a try though (what have you got to lose?) and keep us posted on your progress!

  4. Somehow I had it in my head from your first request that you wanted a square shawl… which I then translated into Sheila-ese as something thick and square to fold into a triangle to wear to keep warm(er) this winter. Anyhow, this is lovely! I would have to agree that it does not <>look<> like mindless knitting, nor easy. But I looked it up on Ravelry and everyone was of the same opinion: Easy Peasy 4-row repeat. (do you belong to Ravelry?)

  5. Love it Mary! I don’t think you will have any problem with this once you get the pattern in your head. My daughter is a beginning knitter and picked up yo’s and slipped stitches very quickly. What issue is this pattern in? I’d like to order the back issue also!Lisa J

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