A journey by train

One of these days we’ll take a long train journey but today we’ll get a taste by traveling on the Acela Express from New York City to Washington DC.

Has anyone been on an Orient Express trip? My top pick for train journey’s would be across Australia, across Canada, or in the western US visiting national parks although I’d love to travel in Europe by train too.

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  1. Summer of 2000, just before Joseph started HS, we bought Amtrak “See America” passes and went from shore to shore and MANY points in between.I had traveled by train before and shorter trips since. AND … I would do it again in a heart beat.Train travel in Germany was fun too, but US travel is better to me. (In my humble opinion …)

  2. true .. you haven’t mentioned the play … how was it??when i was younger (teenage years) we did the algoma central railway snow train thru the soo (sault saint marie – not sure if MI or ON), it was great and we were able to be out on the platforms between the cars while it was going .. got some great shots .. but it was so bloody cold the shutter froze on the camera LOLOLhugsgrace

  3. I love train trips, too. That Grand Luxe Trip looks so nice but boy are they pricey. My brother and SIL did one going down to Mexico, Copper Canyon, I think and loved it. Are you in New York for a business trip of Keith’s or just vacationing?We have a beautiful day here in Florida; it’s hard to believe by Thursday, Ike may be visiting.

  4. I did a leg of the Trans Siberian – from Beijing to Huhehaote (the capital of Inner Mongolia). It was spectacular to chug (it was a steam powered train) past the Great Wall – one day I’ll get to do the entire length (I hope).

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