A slight weather delay…..

An interruption in our plans for the day here in Washington DC thanks to Hanna. Instead of visiting my sister and brother, we’re going to head for the National Museum of American History for a couple hours and we’ll delay our visit until tomorrow. It’s a quick moving storm so it should be clear by then.

Several commenters questioned how I liked the play – it was OK. I liked the theater it was in but I didn’t find it nearly as funny as others in the audience.

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  1. Mary, I was just in DC over labor day and while we wanted to visit the American History museum we found it was closed til later this fall. I hope you found something equally as fun to do. Carolyn in NC

  2. The fishermen around here were working very hard on Friday to get the herring weir nets down – which is a huge job, but the storm didn’t hit as hard as expected. This week – they have been out there being very busy getting them back up… so is the cycle with weather.Cheers!Evelyn

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