I know the list is long and that I’ve only got 21 day left in September but Keith will be gone a week in London which will help and I can always spill over into the first few days of October if needed. Bottom line is an ambitious list keeps me motivated.

I’ve already managed to check off 4 items today (of course, that lead to the addition of 2 more) but I’m seeing progress. One item was mailing off the quilt below for Clare’s Quilts 4 Leukemia project and another was finishing the quilting on Mom’s Autumn quilt (that’s 1 of 10 done!).

Since, my sidebar is too small to hold the list (it’s too wordy) and I hate going back in and constantly updated a post, I added a page to my site so I can mark items off. There is a link in my sidebar to September’s list although I’m sure my list is WAY more interesting to me than to anyone else!

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  1. I live by lists at work, but I’m not at all goal oriented about my quilting. That’s why I love those HeartStrings blocks – mindless sewing with no pressure to complete them on any schedule.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that quilt pictured in this postas for lists, when my ‘schedule’ for lack of better word gets kaflooeyed, i know i need to list what i want to do just so i can even prioritize what needs to be done .. Lists are good .. hugsg

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