Weight-loss Wednesday

Well, we ate and drank our way across NYC and Washington DC so I was just hoping I hadn’t done too much damage.

  • up 0.2 lbs from last week for a total loss of 6.2 lbs
  • did NOT get my 64 ounces of water/day – I’m finding it almost impossible to drink that much water when we travel although it’s not difficult at home
  • met and EXCEEDED my exercise goals – we walked miles and miles!

You’ve probably figure out by now that I’m not being very strict about counting points when we travel. I don’t have big weight loss goals and as I said in the beginning I just want to avoid having to go out and buy all new pants because I can’t fit in to the ones I have.

I could certainly benefit from being more aggressive in my weight loss but part of the fun especially when we’re traveling is dining out and enjoying a few glasses of wine too (although Keith had us drinking Champagne while we were in NYC).

I’m home now until October 5th when we travel to Copenhagen so I’ll focus on watching my points and drinking my water in the meantime.

How did YOU do this week?

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  1. I went to NYC last November for the Macy’s Day parade and the week before. I hear you on the walking thing… I’ve never walked so much in my life. I loved Central Park. And we walked from the Met Museum to the Broadway corner… Lots to see there. Next time, I think we’ll try to use the subway more.

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