Not the best news

I’m feeling sorry for myself! (and Chesty)

He was seen for a follow-up visit this afternoon and had an x-ray of his knee. There’s not been a lot of bone growth AND he has a broken screw that is used to attach the plate. The surgeon is not particularity concerned BUT is not ready to lift the activity restrictions yet.

So we have another 4 weeks of no running, playing, jumping, or stair climbing and then another visit and another x-ray.

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  1. A picture is certainly worth a thousand words. I really feel for the little guy. Hopefully, 4 weeks will go as quickly for him as they seem to do for us.

  2. Sorry to hear Chesty din’t get a good report. Hopefully he will be back to his ole self soon.Diane in Alaska

  3. Oh dear – I’m so sorry. Sending lots of positive healing thoughts and hugs to Chesty of course, and to you also. I know how much he means to both of you – just like our Shadow meant to us.

  4. poor sweetie pie. Give him lots of extra TLC, Mary. He’s lucky to be in a place where this kind of treatment is a possibility. I’ll keep him in my thoughts.Sheree

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