Sunday’s Progress Report

Not much stashbusting to report but I’m making progress on my to do list.

  • The fabric in the Wonky Trees including the backing is from stash although I won’t count this small amount of fabric until the quilt is actually finished.
  • I did buy some fabric from the Real Women Quilt online store – I don’t remember how much – a few yards but nothing all that extravagant.

Working on HeartStrings quilts and those for family is one reason I don’t make all that much progress with my stashbusting efforts but it feels really good to mark things off my to do list, even if they don’t involve my stash. Here’s September’s list and I’ve done pretty well this week I think!

  • Mail quilt for Clare’s Quilts for Leukemia project
  • Wash/dry 3 completed HeartStrings quilts
  • Catch up with mail and pay bills
  • Finish Mom’s quilt that’s on the machine now (#1 of 10)
  • Unpack and do laundry
  • Load top #2 of 10 on longarm
  • Plan some meals and go to the grocery store
  • Take Chesty to Dr for xray and post op followup
  • Make Sept postcard for exchange
  • Trim Mom’s quilt and mail it to her
  • Mail NYC t-shirts to Adam
  • Load top #3 of 10 on longarm
  • Load top #4 of 10 on longarm
  • Piece backing for one of my quilts
  • Load top # 5 on the longarm
  • Take donations to Ronald McDonald House
  • Quilt 9 8 7 6 other tops by the end of September
  • Do some piecing on Green HeartStrings blocks as time allows
  • Layer the small Wonky Trees quilt and decide on a hand quilting design
  • Find some time for Exercise!
  • Catch up on blog reading
  • Organize photos from the July Alaska trip and the ones from the NY/DC trip we just returned from, create DVD slideshows and share with family

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  1. I am constantly in awe of how productive you are! Please tell me that you weren’t this productive when your boys were young! Otherwise there is no hope for me!!!! Its gets easier, right?!

  2. When I read your list I laughed that “Find some time for Exercise!” was not crossed off — as if doing all that other stuff was not exercise?!Have a great week!

  3. I too am impressed with all you get done in a month. You are a real inspiration to me to get busy.You go girl.Diane in Alaska

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