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Baptist Fans look good on everything – right? Or do they? Certainly they should be fine on any traditional looking string quilt – right?

As I was loading the quilt – I thought, this little border strip would be fine with the fans crossing it, then I started quilting and got worried, then as I quilted another row I thought it’s fine. By the time I’m halfway through the quilt I’ll be worried again.

I’m really, REALLY, not happy with my quilting these days. That nasty inner voice of mine keeps telling me I should really be much better at this after 6 years.

Feel free to comment on my choice of BF for this quilt but don’t feel the need to comment on my unhappiness with my quilting – I’m not looking for reassurance – I’m average and I know it. Sometimes I’m OK with it and sometimes I’m not.

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  1. Well Mary, I’m one of those who always loves the Baptist Fan, so you could quilt everything with BF and I would think it was wonderful. I know you didn’t want comments on your abilities, but truly you are a constant inspiration to so many of us – the wonderful work that you do – quilting and piecing and taking care of your family and reading and organizing and on and on. If you cannot give yourself a pat on the back, then ask all your readers because I’m sure you would get high praise.

  2. Well, I think that it is o.k. But, not great. I don’t know that it is bad enough that I would pick it out though. Just chalk it up to experience and maybe choose something else next time. Do you do your BF free-hand or use a panto? You are amazing to me. I hope that I am half as good as you in six years. :~)

  3. I like the BF on things so, like Bonnie, maybe I am not the best judge. Plus photos rarely look the same as real life. I love to see your quilting. Many of your things I have sent to LTW and she loves what you do. I bet if you look back you are way better now than you were 6 years ago too = )

  4. I think that string quilts look good with any “utilitarian” quilting.The quilt that I will share tomorrow was quilted with clam-shells – another “go to.”Did you see the quilt that I posted today – that is also a “utilitarian” quilting pattern… Little more that a stipple… & stipples also look good on quite a few quilts.All of those solid only quilts – great with plain functional quilting.The best thing that you can tell yourself is that the quilts are getting done & being donated to charity. To me that sounds a lot better that, my quilting won a ribbon…

  5. I actually like it & thought mmm maybe that is an easy one for me to try on the machine? Would you recommend it I've only ever done quilt in the ditch – total novice at machine quilting (not a longarm)Love Leanne

  6. I love it! I don’t think there’s really anything that BFs wouldn’t look great on…but maybe that’s one of those inner voices that tries to always re-assure me that what I’m doing is OK. (I like those voices, by the way! Beats the heck outta the other ones!)I think as machine quilters, we often see just that 16″ pass or so…and we just have to go with our (inner voice) gut…and know that the bigger picture will prove that it’s all good.Mantra for the day: Focus on the bigger picture…. 😉

  7. well i rather like it .. it looks good and doesn’t clash .. you know . you were talking the other day about not doing your own designing and piecing lately .. just quilting .. maybe your dissatisfaction is coming from you feeling like you’re in a rut and NEED to do something else for a bit?take a breather and change gearshugsgrace

  8. Mary, I know you aren’t looking for reassurance, but I’m going to give it to you anyway. Your quilting is so inspirational to so many of us. When we talked you said you weren’t interested in winning awards or doing fancy custom work – you just wanted to make pretty quilts that would be used and loved. That is exactly what you do and you do it extremely well. I’ve told you before you are way to hard on yourself. There are lots of us out here who would be thrilled to be able to quilt half as well as you do. Once you get that whole top finished, the border strip won’t stand out as much and it will look just fine. Stop worrying – I’ve never seen any quilting of yours yet that I didn’t like.

  9. I kinda know how you feel, as I’m never going to reach Diane Guadynski-level at my machine. I simply don’t have that kind of talent. I could never figure out drawing either. I have to be shown how to do the quilting, it’ll never just come up from my head. I can’t even derive from recipes very well. If somebody else suggests doing something different, I have no problem following up on that, but if they say “it tastes bland, spice it up next time.” What spices? How much? Then I put in three specks of chili powder and wonder why they say it’s still bland. 😛 Ok, that’s a little extreme, but my husband said that pizza crust was bland. So I went out on a very thin and shaky limb and added garlic the next time. Whoo! 😛 And yes, it was good. But I just can’t produce that kind of creativeness. I don’t let it bother me because I’m quilting for FUN. My quilts, I’ll do what I wanna. 😀

  10. Oh Mary, I am in the boat with you these days with lack of confidence in my work. I love the look on the BF, and we can all say it till the cows come home, but I know how you feel. Im pulling for ya:)

  11. Quite often I find I’m worried about something while I’m up close only to find once all is complete all is well. I like he crossover from block to sashing very much.

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