Not as bad as I feared

With the quilt tossed across the longarm so I can see the overall effect (thanks Darcie), the fan quilting in the sashing doesn’t seem to be a disaster.

I should mention that this is a donated HeartStrings top pieced by Barbara in FL. Hopefully she won’t be disappointed in my quilting on this one. By the way, I don’t consider myself a perfectionist but when I do something, I want to do it well – not just OK.

In general, I try to keep my moodiness from spilling over into the blog but as you can tell, sometimes I fail.

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15 thoughts on “Not as bad as I feared

  1. I think it looks really good. Someone will be so happy to have that. And look at your list. You have six done already this month.Diane in Alaska


  2. I think we are our own worst critics most of the time. I’ve never yet seen a quilt that the Baptist fan doesn’t look good on. I think it looks just great on this one. What would you have done instead? I can’t think of any treatment that I would like better than this. You may consider yourself only average but your work looks just no great to me.


  3. Now that you can see the whole picture, the BFs blend in on those borders just fine and it looks great.As for your bad mood days – we all have them and we’ve all shared them with our readers – that’s what makes us real.Hope Chesty is improving every day.


  4. Really, I think that in the big picture, baptist fans go with just about anything!!! Sometimes when we look at our work close up, and just a small segment at a time – we aren’t as happy as when we see the big picture!!! Looks great to me Mary.Cheers!Evelyn


  5. I just love the movement that the BF’s give to this quilt. I think I’m going to have to try a Baptist Fan on my next quilt…you’re an inspiration!Michele in TN


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