My main Quiltathon activity so far today has been watching the USA win the Ryder Cup but I have been working on hand quilting my Wonky Trees. All my words are stem stitched (click photo for a larger view).

I’ve quilted a tree in this tone on tone block and although I’ve quilted through the other trees I think this one will get lost if I quilt the fly stitches on the inside so I’m leaving it as is for now. I still have most of the top row to fill in with fly stitches but it’s coming along.

This top by Deb in AZ is the next one to be loaded – it will be going back to her to donate and she said she’d be happy with Baptist Fans BUT I’m not going to quilt across this dark sashing with light thread so I’m going to do some line dancing in these blocks.

I’ve been practicing on paper but first I wasted time looking for my copy of the book. I couldn’t find it anywhere but luckily, there are examples online so I was still able to pick a design.

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  1. Mary, I can’t wait for pictures of the line dancing that you do. Great idea! Ah– here comes more inspiration.

  2. Hmmm…maybe your book is hiding with that pattern I’ve misplaced. How do they disappear? We are still watching Ryder Cup coverage, even though it’s over. We are wanting to see the final ceremony. We are big Boo fans. My son got to go to the PGA tournament in Tulsa last year. He met Boo in a restaurant, the night before the tournament started. He was so friendly and they had a nice visit. The next day, Derek saw him before they started playing, and he quickly autographed Derek’s cap, even though they weren’t supposed to be getting anything autographed then. He’s so down to earth. It’s fun to cheer for him.

  3. You are my string quilt expert! I have a couple of questions about them – what kind of batting do you use and what setting (stitches per inch) on your longarm machine? Thanks!

  4. woohoo! the wonky tree is really looking great. I like your new line dancing idea for the string quilt. It ought to really add a great touch.

  5. I love the wonky trees. I made a wonky house at a Judy Morningstar workshop in Newfoundland in June. It’s so fun to make something that’s a little “off”. And I love the line dancing quilt pattern. I might try that on a quilt top that I need to get at. Thanks for the inspiration.

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