I like binding

The hand stitching part of binding that is…I admired my flower quilting on this HeartStrings quilt tonight while stitching down the binding.

And I also managed to finish my Wonky Trees. I need to remove my markings I made for the trees and letters and then I’ll hang it up on the wall. As I was trimming this last night, I realized that while this isn’t the prettiest quilt I’ve ever made, it was fun.

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  1. Hi MaryI like the quilting you did on that too!!I just LOVE the wonky trees .. it is sooo cute and it does look like it was a lot of fun to make!hugsgrace

  2. I agree with you about the binding. It’s the last chance to hold and admire the quilt as you go around the perimeter, and all the design decisions are done. And I really like the wonky trees too — its fun and lively and interesting. congrats.

  3. I enjoy binding too, it’s a relaxing way to finish a quilt. You did a beautiful job quilting it…is that from the Pajama Quilter DVD?I love the Autumn trees quilt too!

  4. And admire you should! I’m with you on the binding…there’s just so much peace to sitting and stitching away, isn’t there!I love your Wonky Trees! It will bring some “smile factor” to your days! And maybe a giggle or two? 😉

  5. Oh my, I see a lot of comments of people who actually like doing bindings. Can I get some adresses? I’ll be happy to let someone else do my bindings *lol*! I hate doing them!I think the wonky trees are very nice, love the words you stitched and the colours are really autumn.

  6. I enjoy doing the binding too – cause I’m so close I can feel it, and there aren’t any decisions left to make, so you can just step back and admire your masterpiece. Except when it comes to big quilts then I get a bit impatient with the binding. Your quilt looks lovely.

  7. I absolutely love doing the binding. It can be done while sitting on the sofa with my honey enjoying a DVD or in the car on the way to a great vacation destination. The basting to prep for quilting is the part I absolutely hate. Dread in fact.Your quilting as usual is fabulous and tyhe wonky trees are so whimsical and charming.

  8. Not every quilt can be your favorite, but this one is lovely. I think the stitched words are really fun and, as I’ve said before, I just love the trees!

  9. I love to sit & hand stitch my bindings on finished quilts. Maybe it's because I machine piece & machine quilt & that's the one time I get to sit & do some stitching by hand or maybe it's knowing it's completing the quilt. Whatever reason, I enjoy that part. Love your Wonky Trees!

  10. Sound as if you all had fun with your free piecing tree quilts, yours is lovely. I don't love binding but I did find a way to make it more bearable for me,”No Hands Piped Binding”, beautiful finish & no hand sewing!Roslyn

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