Six Months

Six months since we’ve moved into the townhouse and as I was flipping though some old photos, I realized that the box in the bottom left corner of this photo is still sitting in the same spot. Still has things from my old desk that there’s not room for and usually has quilts piled on top waiting to be washed. Pathetic!

Is anyone participating in Judy’s Quiltathon this weekend? I’m piecing more letters and working on a binding. I’ve done 4 sections so far and Strings is the one I like best – besides there being too much space between the letters in Heart, I think the letters in Quilt are too thin and then overcompensating, the letters in Project are too fat. I really thought I was on a roll last night.

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  1. Hi Mary .. Not participating in Judy’s Quiltathon, but we have a month long sew-in on our online list, but i’m usually quilting anyways 🙂 I’m just about to do the first tie in Gran’s quilt .. stalling, eh??I was thinking about your letters and a thought occurred to me .. Your strings in the blocks are different widths, so it would rather make sense that the letters in the words rather match that as well .. I think that you’ll be surprised how well it turns’s a scrappy fun block and your wonky letters are the perfect cap .. at least I think so 🙂hugsgrace

  2. you’re doing great. I usually use different widths of strips for different parts of the letter, sort of like calligraphy. eg. In “L” I would use the widest strip for the vertical line and a middle strip for the botton horizontal one. in a B or P, again, I would use the widest strip for the long vertical part, and the narrow ones to make the other parts of the letters, mixing it up. but its all personal preference, and yours arejust fine.

  3. I agree that the words look terrific! Maybe you are too close to them. If someone else had them on their blog, I bet you’d like them. GAs for the box, I think I have boxes older than dirt waiting for me to sort through them.

  4. I absolutely, positively, LOVE your letters. I use different widths in the letters too, but you don’t have to. You are on a roll, keep it up. I mowed today.

  5. I must be too rigid or something, because I just can't get excited about those wonky letters. LOL.I have a box like yours- would you believe it is in my wardrobe, & is 10 years old!! Must check it all out again!

  6. Wow, 6 months already! Time certainly does fly by. Not so pathetic though, we remodeled our kitchen 2 1/2 years ago and I was in the basement storage room last night, pulling out the Halloween decorations, I found a box of kitchen stuff still down there. I guess I must not need any of the stuff in it very bad. :~)I really like your letters. The randomness of them is just perfect for what you are doing. I don’t think that you would want them to be to even and perfect.

  7. I love the letters Mary and they give a quirky feel to the project. They look like fun and are readable and that’s all that matters!!Hugs JJ

  8. I think the letters look great. I’m guessing the words will be spread out (border?) so any size differences will look minimal. My philosophy on ‘boxes in the corner’ (and I have many) is that we know exactly what is in them and when we need it it will be there.

  9. hey mary? you’re doing it again! just take a step back from the letters. let them sit all alone in a room you won’t be going into for the rest of the day. tomorrow morning, go look at them with fresh eyes and you’ll see that you’ve made a very well balanced set of FUNKY letters. they’re great. you’re just too close to them right now.i’m quiltathoning this weekend, too. mostly working on bindings.

  10. Love your letters! I love everything you do. Hard to believe it’s been 6 months since you moved. Time flies! Don’t worry about the box . . I still have plenty of them and I’ve been here almost 2 years.

  11. I couldn’t participate this weekend–am working–so just sighing over everyone else’s stuff. The letters look fine to me, but I am not a wonky person, so hard for me to judge.

  12. Hi Mary! They your letters look great!! I am quiltathon~ing it this weekend as well and my goal is to finish the boxy blues up!It is going together absolutely perfect and can’t wait to finish it up! Thanks so much for sharing your designs, they are definately some of my favorites!

  13. Your letters look wonderful Mary. You are too hard on yourself. As for forgotten boxes-my husband found a box down in the attic buried under something that was from my apartment before we got married. There were some letters from the 70s and some stuff from my drawing table way back then. It was kind of fun-like time traveling. Word to the wise, Indian Ink does not time-travel well.

  14. I think your letters look great! The only thing I’d do is unpick the L to the T in quilt and add a slice of blue background there so the l and t don’t touch.They’re going to be perfect on your quilt, though. 🙂

  15. Your colorful letters are so nice. I want to do some more wonky letter quilts but I’m forcing myself to stick with the quilting I have yet to finish.

  16. Hi Mary,your letters look great. I agree with the others, you are being too hard on yourself.You know what Gwen Marston says, “there is no right and wrong when it comes to wonky”.Vicky F from Michigan

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