Wonky curves??

Surprisingly I’ve never quilted anything with continuous curves before – I knew these squares would be too challenging at 6 inches to get a smooth curve without using a ruler (and I DON’T like rulers) so I decided I’d just quilt them in a wonky style and not worry about trying to be consistent. I’ve decided that any quilting I do should just be called Wonky and then I won’t stress as much about the inconsistencies!

I wanted this donation quilt to be soft and cuddly so I didn’t want a lot of quilting – just enough. Want the instructions for piecing the top? Click the link – Boxed Squares.

And the back:

Look who’s enjoying his freedom – happy to be back up on his perch and enjoying the view of these beautiful changing trees.

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15 thoughts on “Wonky curves??

  1. Looks like Chesty is on top of the world again! I love your continuous curves, Mary! I’ve never tried going real “deep” with my curves…but after seeing yours, I may have to give it a try sometime. Great job!


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