Naming quilts

Where do you guys get this stuff from? I can’t believe how many creative names you all came up with? Karen gave me an excellent suggestion – I created a list with the names I didn’t use for future quilts.

While they were all great, I narrowed it down to my favorites:

Zing-a-ring-ding a Red Fling
Venetian Blinds (this one got a lot of votes from other readers!)
Red Rover, Red Rover
“Well Red”
Ruby Slippers: There’s No Place Like Home
“May the Road Rise Up to Meet You.”

and then I chose…..

Red Rover

It’s not quite as creative as some of the other names but I’m going to take baby steps here.


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  1. I’m excited that you chose the name I suggested from amongst so many great names! It’s certainly a very pretty quilt! Also, I meant to mention that I love Chesty’s view from the window and your “Autumn in Minneapolis” banner. What beautiful views! D~~~~

  2. Love Chesty’s view! I have a hard time naming quilts. These are some very clever names. I really like the name that you chose.

  3. That’s a good choice, especially if you have to refer often to the quilt; you don’t want a long name! Now you have to make a bunch more quilts to use the other names:)

  4. Great name, and SHORT!I’m laughing about you keeping the names not used, for future quilts! I LOVE naming my quilts – the last chance for it to develop it’s personality! lOL

  5. I liked the Venetian Blind suggestion and my second favorite was Red Rover … I think it’s “personality” suits that name! Good call, Mary 😉Flatlander (Linda)

  6. I’m not very good at naming quilts either! I have a “plaid” a “star” a “red/white” etc. “Red rover” is a good name and the quilt itself is stunning!

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