1. hey mary…my dh needs a small crockpot and he lives at 11th and Marquette! I’m assuming you are at the Target on 9th and Nicollet!?? I hope you got out of there for less than $100 like Amy said! LOL…love the name of the quilt too!laurie

  2. Well Mary, living in Canada we don’t have Target stores, but most of us that visit the States go looking for them.We do have a Zeller’s which is comparable and they do carry some of Target products, but not too many.We are going to Florida in January.Target here I come!

  3. Love the name you chose… fabulous quilt, too 🙂Tar-jaay ~ frequent lunch hour haunt for all sorts of items (including dark chocolate, fritos, and storage boxes for the quilt studio).

  4. Great name! I sat around trying to think of something original when you posted earlier but I have trouble with my own quilts even…

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