This quilt has a mind of it’s own!

Right now it’s a perfect 72 inches square (well maybe not perfect). The latest plan was to only add the pieced letter borders to the top and bottom and end up with a rectangular quilt. But! I think it needs a border all the way around so now the question is do I add one more row of blocks so it won’t be square? I do have extras that were sent to me…or do I add the border with the pieced letters and have a square quilt?? I’m stewing on it for now…..

Here’s a view of the back – most blocks have a signature from the person who sent them but some have more – see the once on the (l) completely covered in writing? That one is from Bonnie and it describes the significance of all the fabric she used in her block. I’m going to make “map” once I decide the top of the quilt so I’ll know where everyone’s blocks ended up. I have this crazy idea in my head that once the quilt is done – I’ll take my time and embroider everyone’s name and location on the finished quilt. We’ll see….

And here’s the basket of quilts from the first photo – I’m documenting the donations on the HeartStrings site and these will go to Barb tomorrow at our HeartStrings Sew-in for Project Linus.
There are quilts from Barbara in FL, from the St. Mary’s quilters in CT, from Deborah, and from Deb in AZ in this batch – all of them sent tops for me to quilt and donate.

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  1. Is there a particular reason that you didn’t want it to be square? I think that doing a border all of the way around and then adding your word borders would be great! It is really going to be pretty. Too bad all of the interesting info written on the back of them will be covered up.

  2. I agree with Julie … both about it being square and about the fact that all those beautiful words will be hidden. Ever think of trying to not “hide” them? Have NO clue how you’d do that but wouldn’t it be interesting??

  3. Hi MaryYou can do both actually .. ‘regular’ border and your heart strings top and bottomjust do the border (not the block kind) all the way around and then put the heartstrings words like you were going to .. it looks GREAT and love the idea of the embroidering of names ..whatever you do, i’ll be GREAT and you’ll love ithugsgrace

  4. Oh what a great idea!! I say use em if you have em. You will so treasure that quilt once it’s done. Everytime you wrap yourself up in it you can think of all the women who had a hand in making it. 🙂dawn

  5. I was thinking you could add the words to the top and bottom, then border the whole thing. You will end up with a rectangle and the letters and wonderful heartstrings blocks! Just my 2 cents!

  6. And, no one said the borders had to be the same size. Big borders on the top and bottom for letters, skinny borders on the sides to enclose the center. Sometimes I think we quilters make things just too difficult for ourselves.

  7. LOLOLOLOL 😀 I couldn’t pick out my block in the 1st pic but then the 2nd of the back my block jumped out at me! LOL Yes, I wrote a lot…and funny now b/c I cant’ remember exactly everything I mentioned. LOL I know there was somehting about an orange string included b/c I was sending this block from “Orange, TX” 😉Square or not… wouldn’t matter with me… I’d just make sure I could have it the length = to under my chin to tucked around my feet 😉 Happy Weekend Mary – LOVE the fall photo of you and Chesty! 😉 ~bonnie

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  9. Put borders on all four sides. Then add a header. Make the header from the phrase section which has borders on both sides and the top. Your main quilt section will be bordered as well as the letters. Your finished quilt will be rectangular. IOW – use the phrase as a masthead.

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