4 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Only someone who doesn’t have to drive in it could possibly be this excited about the evil white stuff! LOL! I used to live up north for many years (5 in Buffalo, NY) and I don’t miss it, except at Christmas. Enjoy your flurries!


  2. We had our first snow storm 2 weeks ago. It was so pretty for a day, Ethan even went out and built a couple of snow men. I LOVE it!!! Of course, it was gone by the next morning.


  3. The weather people keep talking about snow flurries here in the Poconos but I haven’t seen any. I figure since we’ve moved up here we will get the worst snow in years this winter. It seems every time I move we get the worse ______ (fill in the blank) for several years. But, as long as I have enough food, toilet paper and the heat stays on I’m a happy camper. And, it is a great time to quilt. Keep warm. Bonnie


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