Bendable Light

Here’s a link to the light I purchased for my sewing machine. I was buying DVD’s from Patsy Thompson’s site so I went ahead and bought the light there too. I’m sure it’s available in other places too.

Bendable Light

There’s no magnet with this light – it uses that sticky 3m product to attach to the side of the sewing machine. (At least I think it’s made by 3m but I’m not going to go look).

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  1. I used my bendable light for the first time this weekend at a retreat. This has to be the one of BEST quilting tools I own! Now I need to buy the little discs so I can use it on all of my machines. We are so lucky to have the use such great tools.

  2. Just an FYI on the Bendable Light. I got mine on eBay for $10 cheaper than it normally sells for and they sent me an extra mounting disc for a second machine and free shipping. The store name on eBay is AllBrands. I got it from them very quickly. Comes from Baton Rouge, LA.I’m not related to them – just a satisfied customer.

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