Time’s running out

I know I won’t get through October’s list before the end of the month but I’d like to check off a few more items. I loaded and quilted two pillowshams for my aunt today – I’d been procrastinating because I really prefer to do overall quilting – freehand, pantograph, or my CL templates but I needed to get these done — and now they can be shipped back with the other top I quilted for her.

These shams match this top I quilted for her last year.

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  1. Nice job!! It seems that pillow shams are getting popular and everyone wants themdid you do machine and hand appliqué? Either way your work is gorgeous!hugsgrace

  2. They look great…she will be thrilled!You always stress too much…I think stress inhibits creativity… if you’re worried about every little stitch, you don’t let go and try things. let it go and just have fun. The results will be fun and wonderful.

  3. These are wonderful! Did you freehand all of the quilting? I love the vine w/ leaves. I would love to be able to do that someday! Right now I either use pantos, stencils or an all-over meander. You do such beautiful work!

  4. I LOVE the almond shapes, or eye shapes (don’t know what to call them) but it seems like every quilt I see with that shape I LOVE. I don’t however love applique! Now you’re done and you can move on to something else! YEA!

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