I’m curious, do most of you track visitors to your site? I watch my site statistics for both my blog and my website and it’s always interesting. I’m amazed that my blog gets 600-700 visits a day but usually only less than 30 emails and comments.

I also look at the stats for my websites to see which of the *instruction sheets* is getting the most traffic. Using a *free* counter only gets a limited amount of data but here’s the latest from my site. My Boxed Squares instructions are getting more hits than the other ones….maybe because I just finished quilting it?? It’s a little more than half way bound so it won’t be long before it’s completely finish thank goodness!


So, if you visit my site but never comment, won’t you introduce yourself?

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  1. I’m not sure If I have commented before but I’m a frequent visitor to your Blog. I love seeing how creatively you quilt. I haven’t heard if my Heartstrings arrived yet. I made 12 instead of 10 after all. I live in Walla Walla and am collecting for my next Heartstrings sit down. I have to finish my kids Chrsitmas quilts, ut should be able to do some after the new year.

  2. I love to pop over and visit you, there is always something fun to see here, and your work is amazing!I’m not usually obsessing over stats too much, but I do like to see where people are visiting from, I’m amazed at how far away some people are.*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  3. Hi Mary, I always look up your blog to see what you are doing. I admire you so much. You get so much done. I am a grandmother of 7 and have 6 children. All my kids live in other cities mostly Houston , Austin and Virginia beach. I have 2 toy poodles and one chihuahua. I love hearing about your little doggy. I quilt mostly appliqued quilts but lately have been doing a lot of pieced work.I love Pat Sloan’s patterns. I just started back at doll making. I have raggedy Ann dolls I’m making for my 5 grand-daughters. I also do a lot of machine embrodiery. It’s a pleasure meeting you. By the way that sure was a pretty picture of you and Chesty you posted the other day.Have a great week. Bonnie in Corpus Christi,

  4. Hi Mary .. heh can’t ‘accuse’ me of not commenting .. some days i talk your ear off LOLactually i run a stat counter as well .. at first it was to see if anyone actually read me .. then i started noticing repeat visitors and that always gives you a GREAT feeling .. now it’s interesting on seeing how my ‘readership’ (for lack of a better word) has grown .. I don’t get anywhere near 600 – busiest day was almost 300 – but I do average almost 200 visitors a day .. it boggles the mind .. and like you .. not a lot of comments .. it is nice to hear them .. even if they don’t agree 🙂hugsgrace

  5. I love your blog! I”ve commented before and you know that I have a link on my own blog to yours. When I saw how you quilted the boxed sqaures, I fell in love with the pattern! I recently bought a jelly roll in Moda’s BasicGrey and am working on one. I am fairly new at long arm quilting and enjoy seeing all your projects, patterns, and quilting. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!Rachel Hayes, Kingston, Tennessee

  6. I read your blog almost daily. I love to see what you are up to. I admire people who can be home and accomplish so much. I am an accounting manager for a food distributor and unfortunately work fifty plus hours a week so my sewing and play time is limited. but someday……….LOLhave tons of stash and tons of UFOs to work on. just gotta find that thing called time…….Dawn in MA

  7. Morning! I come by here every time your name is highlighted in my bloglines account. That’s how I know you’ve posted something new. I love seeing all your quilts and especially love seeing pics of Mr. Chesty… the good life. 🙂 dawn

  8. Have a blog drawing – that will draw all of your readers out. Unfortunately, you also will identify about a dozen more new blogs to read!

  9. I read your blog regularly but don’t comment often. I read a lot of blogs without commenting due to wanting to quilt as well as comment on blogs. Lol. I particularly enjoy seeing your longarm quilting projects. I have a shortarm frame and am always looking for ideas.

  10. Hi Mary, Not only do you keep me motivated to make more scrap quilts, but I only read two quilt blogs on a daily basis, yours and Bonnie Hunters at also keep me motivated on losing weight. I’ve finally lost 10 pounds! Be sure to drink your water today.Carolyn in NC

  11. I visit your blog regularly but don’t always comment. I am a newbie long arm quilter and I love that you show close up/links to the pantos that you use. I also like the patterns you have written up…fun, quick and concise! I’ve been searching for r/w/b quilt ideas for 2.5 inch strips for Alycia.

  12. As a beginner in quilting i am looking foor blogs to inspire me, and your blog is one of them. I am still figuring out what kind of style i like to make. I just finished an block that’s called “tegeltje” in my quilting class and did some English quilting with fabric round cartons the other lesson, which ia am quite sure is not my favorite. But i am looking at your pattern too.Cisca from the Netherlands.

  13. Ah Mary, so many quilts, so little time to blog. I also find inspirations in your work, and your strippie quilt inspired me to start quilting.I have only been quilting since January, am really a newbie.Your instructions are always easy to follow, so I have them in a book.I don’t post too many comments as for some reason I thought that you had so many comments that my little stuff wasn’t worth writing.I will post more often.Your photo shop program is great by the way.

  14. Hi Mary! I visit every one of your posts and I have left comments before but must confess I’m really bad about leaving comments everyday. I don’t know how to see who has visited my blog just know if they leave a comment. How do you track who stops by to see your blog? I really love seeing all your quilts.

  15. You know I read your blog every day . . every time you post, in fact. I don’t always leave a comment but I love reading about what you’re doing.

  16. Hi Mary, I love to visit your blog and see all the exciting things you are working on. You are very inspiring. I am bad about leaving comments, I usually just view and then move on. But I do enjoy your site and think your work is wonderul. I even have your site listed on my blog as one of the Blogs I like to read. Keep up the good work,Leah

  17. Hi Mary,I guess I’m one of the ones who’s guilty of stopping by, but not commenting. I enjoy your blog very much, and am in awe of the number of quilts you get done for your Heartastrings project. I love scrap quilting too and try to get a few quilts done every year for a local oncology group who gives them to chemotherapy patients. I got an HQ16 about 18 months ago, so have recently started on my longarm adventure, so I also enjoy seeing your quilting 🙂BeckyLompoc, CA

  18. We all have interesting blogging habits, don’t we?! For instance…I usually do not read the comments that have preceded my own…except for just now! lol You’ve brought some out of lurkdome!

  19. You’re in my Bloglines, and I visit every time I see a new post! You’re so productive and creative, and I love the dog – have four myself. I’m a stay at home mom with a small farm – 5 dairy goats, 7 alpacas, about 18 chickens, 4 dogs, 4 indoor cats, 2 barn cats…. two kids still living at home (one out on his own) plus the wonderful hubby who puts up with all this! I would love to get a longarm machine sometime – I might actually finish some of these quilt tops that way, which would mean I could make *more*!

  20. You know me, I think that I comment on almost every post! LOL I love your blog! You are inspiring and a very nice person to know. I am glad that I have met through the world wide web!

  21. I read you every day through Google reader. I rarely make comments because I have to go out of that to do it. Also, for a long time I couldn’t make the comment section “work” for me (anyone’s blog), so I never started the process. Now that I have a blog, it finally works. I love your quilts, and all you do for Heartstrings.

  22. Hi Mary, I hate to admit that I’m a longtime lurker on your site. (Subscribed through Bloglines.) I LOVE seeing what your up to and looking at your lovely pictures. And your Heartstrings work is amazing! Chesty is the cutest thing, too! I will try to do better on commenting. This summer I started a blog for the local quilt club I’m president of (, so I know precisely what you mean about watching the stats and comments, etc. Keep up the good work! Carla

  23. Hi Mary! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now. I love your eye for colour and the work you do. I do comment sometimes but not very often. I use bloglines to read your blog.

  24. I have never commented but visit your blog regularly. I have downloaded several patterns and am in the planning stages of making them. I don’t have a blog and those of you who do encourage me to try and start my own.

  25. I’m another one that reads your blog everytime there is a new post, but I don’t comment often. I have you on my Google Reader. I love the quilting that you do and look forward to the day I hope to get a long arm! 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your great quilting pics with us!

  26. I enjoy reading your blog nearly every day but seldom comment. I looked forward to your virtual quilt show while you were on vacation. I was amazed that you took the time to prepare and schedule posts before you left. I love all of your photos: quilts and family and travel.

  27. I have only commented a couple times, but I enjoy your colorful blog and enjoy your pet, without all the pet hair and scattered dog food to clean up. Many times my comment would have been the same as 2 or 3 that have already posted theirs, so I figure you don’t need to hear the same thing again.

  28. Hi Mary,I’m an avid lurker, but I have sent you a couple of e-mails in the past. I am surprised not to see stats for your Fish Quilt! I was trying to go green and not print it, so it feels like I personally hit that pattern page 1000 times! I broke down and finally printed it out. I have my pieces cut and I’m ready to sew on it now!Thanks for the great blog,Kathy HendersonRedwood City, CA

  29. Mary – I rarely comment, but I read every post. I enjoy your quilts, your quilting, your pictures and your clear, well-written, and short posts. It’s always a pleasure to visit and see what’s new with you!

  30. Hi Mary. I don’t have a blog but we don’t have a TV so reading blogs is what I do in the evening when I am not quilting. Yours is my favourite. I am an RN , moved to small town BC in Canada to retire 4 years ago and haven’t gotten around to that yet—soon! Just bought a grace frame for my Brother 1500 and get lots of help and advice from blogs like yours. Thankyou Marilyn in

  31. Hi Mary,Just came across your cool blog yesterday. I love the banner with autumn in Minneapolis. Always nice to meet another Mary:)From Texas

  32. Hi Mary,I visit your site quite abit to see what you have done. Alittle help for me. I’m from Oregon now for 20 years, husband retired from the Coast Guard 10 years ago. !st daughter is married 9 years gave me a baby grandson 17mos ago, 2nd daughter serving in the Coast Guard like her dad for the past 10 years in Maine at the moment. #rd daughter lives with us works, will be 27 this nov. I work full time at an Animal shelter, in the office, but I do adopt the critters too… I love your site gives me ideas for color usage, like bonnies with scraps. Keep up the great job. lori

  33. I read your blog everyday but never comment, sorry I’m just shy. I love your quilts and hearing about Chesty. You work so hard, I’m hoping it will inspire me.Brandi

  34. Visit you every day along with spirit cloth and fibermania. Got rid of a heap of links last night, but yours would be the last one I ditch.Thanks for being so consistant and interesting on your blog.I like the fact that you are not trying to flog a product.I am a farmers wife and quilter from Victoria, Australia.Cheers Jan

  35. Hi, I usually pop in every other day or so. I enjoy your quilts, but don’t leave comments on most blogs I go to. Should, I guess. I’ve enjoyed reading and looking at all the photos. I’m getting a quilting machine for free this weekend – that I know nothing about – so may be asking some questions in the near future. 🙂I’m one that’s downloaded the boxed squares too!

  36. I’m another lurker who reads via Google Reader and enjoy your blog very much. I don’t usually comment either but sure do like it a lot when someone talks to me. So I guess I need to make more of an effort huh? BTW I like your new design.

  37. While I have commented in the past, I haven’t done so much recently-I do however read each time you show up on bloglines or google reader. I have a site counter, too, and am always amazed to see I have been visited since so few comment.

  38. Hey, Mary, I love your blog. I read it pratically every day just to see what you’re doing. I love the patterns you offer on your other web site but I also just reading about your everyday life. I have commented some at different times. Your quilting is great.

  39. I’m a shy lurker. I’m here almost every day for the inspiration. I aspire to be as productive as you are.

  40. I had a site meter once but I wasn’t sure it was working because after a couple of days there were no visitors. That may have truly been the case though since my blog was new at the time. I am going to start posting more often in the future and get a site meter (very soon). I also wonder if anyone visits my blog!

  41. Delurking here. I love seeing what you’re working on – you are ever so much more productive than I am. I’m doing well if I get more than 4 projects done in a year.I have a blog, only occasionally about quilting (see the few number of projects), which gets about 5 visitors a day.

  42. I visit your site daily. I found you in a round-about way. I live in Venice, FL and when I was looking for someone at the beginning of the year to machine quilt a double-sized quilt I’d made for my 4-year old daughters bed, I googled and found your sister’s site… and then yours through her. I love seeing the work you both do. My main blog is private but I have a couple other pages that are public. I also just started an on-line store selling some things I make

  43. Hi Mary,I’m also a frequent reader – I first found your blog when I was searching for samples of Chinese Coin quilts. I love all your pics of Minneapolis too – it seems like such a neat city!Thanks for all the posts!Meredith – Tulsa, OK

  44. WordPress provide their own stats which are better than Sitemeter. One post I wrote about a year ago has got more hits than anything – over 2,000 at the last count – just because it’s a picture of the French flag. Now odd is that!

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