Get ready for more agonizing!

This is next up – pieced by Mom for another sister (you know I have 3 of them don’t you?). I don’t have a clue where I’m going to go with this but I’m sure it will involve a lot of agonizing! By the way, I sent Maureen a photo of her wallhanging and she’s very happy with it.
My Photoshop Elements class is over but I’ll continue to create pages and hopefully learn more as I go. I’m going to switch from the 12×12 format used in the class to a 8×10 format that I can print out here at home. I won’t necessarily be showing the pages as I create them, but I did create a link on my sidebar to the online album that I’m posting them in just in case anyone is interested in following my progress.

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  1. Oh my goodness Mary, your scrapbooking page is amazing. And you learned to do all that in photoshop? I’m so impressed!*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  2. I love “old” photos like that. I lost my dad 20+ years ago and whenever I visit my mom we spend time going through albums. Love to see the pictures of him when he was so young and healthy … fun to see him holding his children … you can see the love in the pictures. Thanks for sharing.Flatlander (Linda)

  3. I don’t sew for other people, except really good friends, because of the agonizing factor. I agonize enough over my own quilts. Yours all turn out beautifully in spite, or is it because of, the agonizing?

  4. Mary, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. it meant a lot to me. I come to your blog often and am always inspired. I appreciate the patterns you post as well. I hate to put my heartstrings aside for a few days while I sew a Halloween costume and curtains for my bedroom window. I was over ambitious and am trying to make two at the same time. I’ll get them done, but I wanted them done sooner. I think in the future I will make some ahead of time to have a ready made comfort upon a shocking death. My cousin and I are very close and he married a wonderful English woman who has become one of my best friends in my life. Her mother immigrated here to be closer to her two daughters. She was living with her other daughter. My cousin’s mother-in-law and brother-in-law were in a car coming back from dinner and were hit by a drunk driver who was also on acid. They were both killed. So I’m so upset for my cousin’s wife Dee. She lost her mom and her brother-in-law in one night. Her mother was a neat lady who lived in England during the war and had such great stories to share over afternoon tea. We are really going to miss her.I hope to someday soon be able to make blocks to send to your charity. I’ve been planning on it. I work part time in a quilt store and am trying to talk them into donating their strips and scraps to me so I can make strip blocks for charity. They were generous last week with their strips, but I didn’t want to push my luck and sound greedy. LOLSorry this was long but I’ve been wanting to talk to you for awhile.Kindest regards and many blessings to you.

  5. mary,you do such amazing work…you take so much care and time thinking about what to do. all those drawings you made. i know i would love to have someone put so much care and skill into my work. love coming to see what you have up.

  6. Mary, I understand the agonizing because I too agonize over my quilts – BUT – I sure wish I could quilt like you do. Your work is wonderful to my eyes. And I am always amazed at all you accomplish. You are a constant inspiration.

  7. It seems like it was well worth taking this class. What a lovely memorial to your Dad. I love the fishing picture-we have a bunch of those around here. Several fishermen in the family.B the way, from what I’ve seen of your work, I can’t imagine why you don’t think of yourself as a professional quilter. Your work is beautifully done. Maureen’s quilt is an example of that.

  8. Great photos of Dad…hard to believe we lost him almost 20 years ago. The one of him and Grandpop with the fish is wonderful.This quilt is really cute! Lots of possibilities there. Try to relax and just have fun with it! Ann will love whatever you do.

  9. Mary, we are always our own worst critics when it comes to our quilting. Your work on Maureen’s quilt is just wonderful. This wall hanging will be too – don’t stress over it too much. Just try to enjoy the process!

  10. The quilt is wonderful, and I am sure you will do your usual spectacular job of quilting it! I really like your vintage pictures of your dad…wonderful!

  11. Mary,You always do a great job with your free motion quilting, can’t wait to see it finished.Love your scrapbook page for your dad, very nice. I should do something for my dad, lost him 4 christmas’s ago.Keep up the great job.

  12. I love the scrap book page that you did for your Dad. You can see the love! Beautiful!I really like this little quilt, will be fun to see what your agonizing brings. Don’t agonize to much though, it will be beautiful!

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