I’m finished – 16 pillowcases that will go to Alycia’s QOV project to hold the quilts that will be presented to wounded soldiers in May 2009.

And here’s the whole stack!
This will add 16 yards to my stashed used total for the year and other than these pillowcases, I have no other progress to report this week. Next up a walk in the snow to a local pub to watch a bit of the Washington game….then hopefully, if my day goes as planned, I’ll get one more top quilted for November.

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I woke up around 4AM and couldn’t get back to sleep – there’s a different glow to the world when there’s snow on the ground so I took a peak out the window and saw we were finally going to get our first *measurable* snow of the the season!

I couldn’t get back to sleep so I made 3 pillowcases for our HeartStrings Pillowcase Party before coming downstairs to snap some photos. More pillowcases, some quilting, and a walk in the snow are on the agenda for today.

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More Pillowcases

Completely unrelated to the HeartStrings Pillowcase Party, do you think someone wants a belly rub?
This photo doesn’t do it justice but I think this is my favorite one so far. I’ve got 9 pillowcases done (not all today obviously) and 7 left to be pieced. I’m working at a slower pace than expected because of some family drama and I keep stopping to play with the iPhone.

The back pile is finished pillowcases, all are shades of blue and next I’ll work on the greens.
Anyone else working on pillowcases today? Keith and I are heading out for a walk so I’ll sew later this afternoon….still have to load and quilt another top by the end of day tomorrow to meet my November goal of quilting 10 tops.

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I gave myself a gift

We spent most of the day running errands – one was a trip to the AT&T store to buy an iPhone. It’s got a better interface for the internet than my old phone so I’m looking forward to playing!

I tried out the camera from the phone walking home. You can see from the banners they’re advertising the Holidazzle Parades which go from tonight until December 21st, 4 days a week.

Not a lot of time for sewing today but I did manage to make 3 pillowcases. The official start to our HeartStrings Pillowcase Party is tomorrow.

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Getting ready

I spent some time this morning pulling fabric and cutting out pillowcases. I’ll be sewing on these on and off over the next 4 days and hope to have 16 pillowcases to send to Alycia after Sunday. Most of mine will be shades of blue but I found a couple green prints and a license plate print I’ve had a long time that I’m using too.

Are any of you planning to participate in the HeartStrings Pillowcase Party? If so, do you have a goal of how many you plan to make? I seem to do better with a target number in mind.

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