A quiet weekend

I can’t believe it’s November already! I didn’t get through my October to do list but surprisingly, I’m not really upset. I did get a lot done but also took time out to travel, to walk, to read….it was a good month!

For November, I’m going to set a goal of quilting another 10 tops…and I’m going to set aside the wallhanging for Ann until after I do a couple low stress HeartStrings tops. I’m also going to pull out my Swirls template from Circle Lord this month and I think I’ll alternate freehand quilting and using the swirls.

This weekend I’m working on the finishing touches on this wallhanging of Maureen’s. I want to get it done and shipped back to her.

Keith and I started another Scrabble *tournament* and unfortunately, I’m down 0-2 games. I’m going to have to study up – I hate losing!

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  1. Study up on two letter words. Those are the ones that really help at the end of the game when you have fewer tiles left. And, that quilt is gorgeous. The quilting is excellent.

  2. I love Scrabble … we also have “cut throat” Monopoly, assemble complicated puzzles and play various card games (Hearts, 500 or Euchre) whenever the family gets together. Colder weather seems to beckon us to play those games … our family room, with the fireplace burning, soft music in the background finds me curled up on the sofa trying to master lap quilting while one game or another is being played in another part of the room … makes for a wonderful evening!Flatlander (Linda)

  3. You must have a great marriage because I am so competitive that I think a scrabble tournament would end my marriage – Chris would eventually have to kill me to end his misery!

  4. Ditto what paula said.. Learn the 2 letter words!My husband will only play backgammon with me, because that is the only game he can win.He quit playing scrabble when I “marroned” him… tripple letter word, no less…

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