More MPLS photos

What a gorgeous Sunday afternoon!
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We went biking and then as I was sitting here sorting photos, I glanced over at Chesty and all I saw was the gold filling the window.

Of course, since that photo was not a good one of Chesty, I had to shoot just one more.

By the way, I thought it was interesting how many people commented that they enjoy seeing my Minneapolis photos last week when I asked people to introduce themselves. Since the city is one of my favorite subjects, it was nice to hear that you aren’t bored with them. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful setting.

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  1. Mary,I am a lurker! LOL But I do so enjoy your photos, especially your fall photos. We moved to AZ last year and I certainly miss the 4 seasons. I plan on making a quilt with my civil war repros using your boxed square pattern, when I finish it I will email you a photo. Rebecca Clouse

  2. Mary, Like Rebecca C, we live in AZ (Green Valley) but only for 6 months and then live in MN (Blaine) 6 months. Both of us were born and raised in MN. I like to see someone really loving MN as you folks do! I enjoy recognizing the scenery.As to quilting, I admire your talent! 🙂 Linda Carhill

  3. Thanks for the lovely pictures. I save images like the golds in a file called pictures for quilt colors. It’s suggested in Joen Wolfrom’s last (I think) book, and it works. This one is great for reflected sunlight!

  4. Beautiful!!!!! Our leaves here are just about all gone now. :~( I love the colors, sad to see them go so quickly. But, I love the snow too. So I am looking forward to that. Chesty look so much happier now!

  5. I am a stash-user-upper, too! Love your quilts, and your quilting! I have not been quilting long, but am using up a thirty year stash of scraps from sewing kids clothes and costumes for my three! They are grown now, so this is just for me! Lovely photos!

  6. mary there’s nothing like MN colour in the fall .. it’s been 20 years since I lived there, but I still occasionally get home-sick for it – and the fall colours will do it for sure .. now the snow **shudders!!Thank you for sharing ..hugsgrace

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