Just for fun

After seeing some of the Photoshop pages I’ve been working on, my son Chris started playing around with a free graphics program called GIMP.

He emailed me this page tonight ~ can you believe he put his Dad in the lead?? I made him send me the tutorial for making the Scrabble letters so you may be seeing a page from me one of these days.

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  1. hi mary .. try seeing if your actions palette has wood vignette or frame .. i’m guessing he might have made a pattern fill with the wood frame / vignette, make a 50 x 50px box filled it with above pattern, then used arial font for the letters 🙂 .. oh and drop shadow in your layer properties 🙂well that’s what i would do .. i’m looking forward to the tutorialhugsgrace

  2. Is the tutorial something you can share? Love what you both did . . except of course, we know Keith shouldn’t be ahead of you! 🙂

  3. I love gimp. The Color -> Levels tool is great. Even if my photo is muted because it was taken in low light, the tool can be used to set it right. I've just got to pick a white point or a black point and it will clean the image up. There is an auto feature that figures this out automatically in case it is not clear which the whitest point / blackest point is. It is awesome.

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