Yes, I did work today

If I only had myself to consider, I’d stay up every night and sleep late every day and still get lots done. Since Keith is out of town, I worked until 9:30PM tonight – loaded and quilted this HeartStrings top of mine which will go to someone I care about who is facing more challenges and grief than any young man should have to.

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  1. What a good looking color combination. I think it’s because you put blocks– or someone did– with complimentary colors– instead of all sorts of wild colors with the green. All the colors blend together, and the result is a very nice looking quilt– wonderful for a young man. A warm hug to show that you care. Very nice.

  2. Beautiful quilt Mary and I know it will give your friend much comfort. I get so much done when Andy’s out of town…work late…but I sure do miss him when he’s not in town.

  3. I love these designs you put together. It should make the young man’s heart feel good when you present the quilt to him.regards, Nanci

  4. Beautiful as always, but I especially like the green.Your young friend will treasure this quilt because it was given with such love. God Bless you.

  5. When it’s possible, it feels really terrific to just keep on working and working when everything is going smoothly, isn’t it. Who looks at the clock, anyway?! 😉Love the quilt. I’m sending good vibes for the young man…and you. 😉

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