I hate cleaning

I’ve been pretty spoiled – Keith and the boys always helped and even did the bulk of the cleaning and then for a few years in GA, I had someone come in and clean but this week I’m on my own. We have company coming on Friday and Keith is out of town so I can’t even rope him into helping me out.

I’ve been doing bits and pieces of it all week but tomorrow the bulk of it has to be done – after spending all of today running errands – I’m not too thrilled with another day I won’t be able to quilt. Did I mention I’m spoiled?

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  1. I work full time and for the longest time my husband wanted me to get cleaning help. He wanted it not because I wasn’t doing a good job but because all my free time not working was spent cleaning … I never got any “down” time. So, I reluctantly hired a cleaning lady and at first felt I was a “failure” because I couldn’t do it all. WELL! Let me tell you … it didn’t take long to get over that “hangup”. I love my cleaning lady … she comes once a month and I do a “freshen up” between her visits. I agree … she’d be the LAST thing I’d give up now … at least until I retire and am not working full time anymore.

  2. You are a LUCKY girl. My children grudgingly helped and my DH has pretty much done the dishes since I started working full time. I am at the point now where I think I need to get a cleaning person once a week to just keep the kitty fur buffalo from roaming the halls.

  3. I wish I lived closer. I love to clean! Someone else’s house that is. For some reason I just can’t get to excited about cleaning my own. I use to have a cleaning lady once a week until I moved to the “country” where I can’t find anyone to drive out to my house.

  4. Well, I came home from an afternoon of bridge yesterday to find that my darling guy had done the house from top to bottom.The floors were polished, furniture dusted and the place looked so good…didn’t want to dirty the kitchen that we went out to dinner! I hate housework…so many years of doing it over and over and with a dog, you really have to do it over and over…

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