Let the fun begin

These chests are my favorite pieces of furniture – I have 3 of them. Most of the time they act like end tables….but when I have company coming….
everything gets tossed inside and all the sudden things look neat! I’m done with the cleaning and Keith and his sister arrived around 6PM. We walked downtown for dinner and drinks and had the best time….and my house is sparkling clean!

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  1. Fantastic! I love those trunks – my kind of furniture and I love that quilt, too! Beautimous! I think I’ll curl up in that chair and snuggle under the quilt in the very clean house. Enjoying the charm Love, *karendianne.

  2. Nice and tidy, you did well! I’ve noticed those chests peeking out from under quilts in previous photos (I think) and always admired them. Also love that log cabin quilt on the chair! Dianne B. in England

  3. Love the quilt that is displayed on the chair! What a great idea to have trucks to tuck things away that are a bit cluttery part of life…love them!

  4. Those trunks are beautiful! I need some of those. And the chair looks pretty cosy too.That quilt is gorgeous! Could you post a picture of the full quilt, pretty please?Ursula

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