Working? Not me….

I know some people are participating in Judy’s Quiltathon this weekend but I haven’t sewn a single stitch. Keith’s sister left today – it was a quick visit but we had fun. Does anyone recognize this Minneapolis symbol?


I thought I’d show you a full shot of my little tree too – I’m not crazy about the branches stuffed in the bottom of the pot but if I understood correctly, they’re  just sticking in the pot and they’ll die off or I could even just pull them out. The plan is that this will be our Christmas tree this year too – we’ll put some lights on it and it will adorn my deck both before and after Christmas.

Christmas tree


  1. I have been thinking about an outside tree this year as well. I have a 17 month old that will definately defeat an inside tree. This will be the first year EVER that we haven’t had a real tree. I am doing a three foot table top that hopefully he can’t get to! I was thinking about a tree on our back deck that we could decorate with peanut butter and birdseed covered pine cones for the birds…but will they make a mess?

  2. We saw that sculpture when we were in Minneapolis in June. We enjoyed that entire park and actually, the whole stay in Minneapolis. That’s when I found Blue Bamboo quilt shop.

  3. Having a little tree that can hang around after Christmas is a great idea! It will add a little color to your balcony during the cold cold winter too!

  4. That’s a darling little tree. If you put some edible decorations on it, do you think you would have neighborhood birds that would feel off of it? I’ve always wanted to do that out here…but am always a day late and dollar short.

  5. Like the tree without the “skirt”! It’ll be such a nice addition to your deck during all the cold winter months after Christmas. Lights in outside trees look so inviting!

  6. oooh i’ve been there…in fact…we probably have that same picture…same place…same pose. it’s a great one! love the little tree on the deck. i might have to do that.

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