Not the best photo …but more progress

All ready to quilt last night….

Finished this morning…. top #7 of 10 for November is done.

So my *done* list now looks like this:

Log Cabin quilted and trimmed
5 of 8 postcards for our December Exchange done
2nd load of laundry done
Loaded and started quilting the Log Cabin top
Finished 1st load of laundry
Hand stitched the binding on the Green HS quilt
Started my December postcards
Pieced backing for the Log Cabin top
Made binding and machine stitched it on the Green HS
Finished November’s postcard

It’s 5:30AM and the easy part is done, now I just have to stay awake most of today. I think I’ll go downtown for breakfast around 9AM – it’s in the mid 20’s out there so a brisk walk in the cold should help.

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  1. Such a pretty log cabin. Perfect for using all my odd fat quarters up. I’m tempted to start one right away. I really like your newest banner.

  2. Nice work again Mary. I love getting up early too. Of course come 9 pm, I am zonked out!We are getting our first snowstorm here in Ontario and it is so pretty that this morning, my Wilson will wear his red coat and we will go play in the snow.

  3. I get up at 6 and fall asleep before 10. We should do some sharing. Lol. You are so productive the way you are that maybe that’s your best cycle. It does get in the way when you travel though. My kids are all night owls and work at night if they have their preference. I believe we are born either day or night people and there’s not much we can do to change that.

  4. Where did you get the clips for holding the quilt top on your frame? I like floating my tops better than rolling them on and these would be great!

  5. I too, am tired out just reading all that you get done. You are such an inspiration to me to get going. Good job. Hope you make it through the day and get these days and nights straightened out.Diane in Alaska

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